Book to send children green

ECO ART: Drawings from Mark Howarth's book Waddy and the Mushers: Home
ECO ART: Drawings from Mark Howarth's book Waddy and the Mushers: Home
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A council worker has used his knowledge of recycling to pen a new children’s book with a green theme.

Mark Howarth, from Higher Penwortham, is hoping his light-hearted message of environmentalism, in his self-published story Waddy and the Mushers: Home will encourage young people to think about recycling.

Mark Howarth

Mark Howarth

The South Ribble Council neighbourhood services worker said: “I visit Global Renewables almost every day and see groups of children on school trips all the time so I thought a book that could help them understand how important recycling is would be a good idea.”

The environmentally-friendly book tells the tale of Waddy, a creature known as a Musher, after the creature’s love for mushrooms.

Mark, 37, said: “His people are only about six inches tall, they’re a bit like the Borrowers, and live underneath a large redwood tree.

“All of their little world is made out of the rubbish people throw away and he ends up having to go on a bit of an adventure to a recycling plant to rescue his mum.”

Mark, who is married to Shelly and has two sons and a daughter, started writing the book over a year ago and saved up to publish it himself.

He said: “I’ve given a few copies away to local primary schools so hopefully one day it will go higher up the chain.

“The headteachers I have spoken to have been quite excited by it and I’d love to be able to go into the schools and read to the children to teach them the importance of recycling.”

Waddy and the Mushers is available now to buy on Amazon.