Book review: New York, Actually by Sarah Morgan

New York, Actually by Sarah Morgan
New York, Actually by Sarah Morgan
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If the cold winter nights are making you blue, get ready to be tickled pink by Sarah Morgan’s warm and cuddly new rom-com.

New York, Actually is the latest in a loosely connected series that has seen the popular London-based author turn Manhattan into an irresistible hotspot for fun, friendship and good old-fashioned romance.

Morgan, who has sold more than four million of her sparkling books across the globe and won two awards from the Romance Writers of America, has a penchant for witty dialogue, the most beguiling lovers and delightful plots that positively tingle with the feelgood factor.

And from the writer who warns that her books ‘contain optimism and scenes some readers may find uplifting,’ this beautiful, winter-warming extravaganza is as fresh, funny, clever and captivating as we have all come to expect.

There is only one man that matters to Molly, aka Aunt Aggie, New York’s most famous agony aunt… he’s called Valentine and he’s loving, devoted, dependable, and exercising with him every day means she has never been fitter.

That Valentine is, in fact, her Dalmatian dog suits Molly just fine. She considers herself to be an expert at relationships, as long as they’re other people’s. A classic commitment phobe, Molly is not just hooked on running in Central Park… she is running away from her past, a shredded professional career and romantic relationships.

But lovely, leggy Molly has been spotted on her daily runs with Valentine by dishy but cynical divorce lawyer Daniel who is also hardwired to think relationships are a bad idea. His mantra is that if you don’t get involved, no one can get hurt.

Molly never seems to notice Daniel and the charismatic charmer is intrigued because it’s always the women who notice him. And suddenly Daniel finds himself borrowing a dog – a slightly uncontrollable German Shepherd called Brutus – in his efforts to meet the gorgeous woman he sees running in the park every morning.

Molly and Daniel think they know everything there is to know about relationships… until they meet each other!

Morgan employs all her trademark charm and charisma in a sizzling and yet classically romantic story that wins hearts with its emotional intelligence, acutely observed humour, dynamic cast of lovable characters and seductive setting.

Along the way, we enjoy meeting new faces – both human and canine – and catching up with old friends from Morgan’s fleet of New York adventures.

But this is an irresistible story that can well be savoured as an entertaining standalone… a cold weather antidote to freezing temperatures, and a delightful reminder of the joys of spring… and true love!

(HQ, paperback, £7.99)