Book review: The World History of Animation by Stephen Cavalier

Could this be the most ‘moving’ book you’ll read this year?

Probably ... but it won’t reduce you to tears; it will inform, amaze and entertain!

This landmark international history of animation, featuring all genres, styles, media and techniques alongside stunning imagery, is packed with some of the screen’s most exciting and innovative milestones.

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Author Stephen Cavalier has almost two decades of experience in the animation and games industries.

He has written and directed award-winning shorts and has been employed in the animation team at Steven Spielberg’s studio and as an animation director for Disney and the BBC.

Since its earliest days, animation has captured our imagination like no other art form, giving us some of our best-loved characters and telling some of our most memorable stories.

The World History of Animation is a comprehensive guide to the animated universe, ranging from the trick films of the nineteenth century to the latest in 3D CGI.

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An exhaustive timeline of animation milestones forms the backbone of the book, with synopses and stills from award-winning classics as well as lesser-known gems.

The book celebrates animation in all its forms, including short films, movies, television series, music videos, computer games, and online.

All genres and techniques are covered, from children’s favourites and FX blockbusters to cult animated films and art-house experiments.

There are also biographies detailing the lives and achievements of the most influential artists and studios, as well as essays on important developments and movements such as the evolution of computer animation.

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Full of colour, detail and history, this magnificent book volume includes bite-size explanations of techniques and an extensive glossary of key terms.

With its informative and entertaining text alongside gorgeous illustrations, The World History of Animation is a must-have for any animation enthusiast.

(Aurum Press, hardback, £30)

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