Book review: Find Chaffy by Jamie Smart

If you’re searching for a book that keeps your little ones on their toes, Chaffy could be just the ‘beast’ to stretch them to the limit!

By Pam Norfolk
Tuesday, 8th March 2011, 6:00 am

But don’t be alarmed...because Chaffy is not so much a ‘beast’ as a fluffy, white and lovable little creature who sports only one-and-a-half ears after an accident with a lawnmower.

You’d think he’d be easy to spot but he’s not; in fact, you’ll have to look long and hard if you want to track him down within the pages of Jamie Smart’s delightful activity book, Find Chaffy.

That’s the whole point of Chaffy; like the star of Martin Handford’s much-loved Where’s Wally books, Chaffy enjoys disappearing into a crowd and expects his followers to use their eagle eyes to find him.

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Unfortunately, chaffies are a bit stupid and aimless, and tend to end up in the most ridiculous situations.

Ten of them have wandered off into the big wide world where scary ghosts, angry robots and stompy dinosaurs are waiting for them. There are also some incredible tumbling pandas, hungry pigs, sleepy octopuses, circus kittens and miniature ninjas only too happy to confuse them.

The quest is on to find those elusive chaffies.

Brimming with colour, fun and the biggest, brightest and boldest illustrations, Find Chaffy is the latest activity book craze for readers aged six and over who like a challenge on every page.

And if your smart kids do manage to pinpoint those charming little chaffies, log them onto the website and let them tell the rest of the Chaffy-seeking world about their success!

There’s no better time to get hooked on Chaffy and his chums as Smart is launching his new Find Chaffy book this summer - and finders will definitely be keepers!

(Scholastic, paperback, £5.99)