Should tired teenagers be allowed to start school at 10am? "They should start work and find out what tired really is."

Scientific research does suggest that adolescents have a particularly late-running biological rhythm (Photo: Shutterstock)
Scientific research does suggest that adolescents have a particularly late-running biological rhythm (Photo: Shutterstock)
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More than 180,000 people have signed a petition for schools to start at the later time of 10am, because teenagers are allegedly too tired to learn any earlier.

The petition was launched by pupil Hannah Kidner, who called for the government to require secondary schools to alter the traditional 9am start time, but you all had plenty to say on the subect:

When I was 16, I was stood at a capstan lathe for 39hrs a day.

Lee Holding

Will be a shock when they enter the work place!

Andrew Bell

Get the hell off social media and go to slp at a reasonable time. Stop eating junk or stop feeding your kids junk and give them a proper home cooked meal.

Shabana Ejaz

In my long experience teenagers will still be tired at ten o' clock, they only ever wake up around 9 pm. I've had three of my own, five grandchildren and worked in a sixth form college, same story right through. Then they start work and find out what tired really is.

Sylvia Thompson

Can we start a petition for me not to have to do much work yet be paid a good wage with lots of expenses - No ? Ah well, I'll just have to stand for election and become an MP

Phil Schwarz

Grow up. It doesn't get any easier so just start getting used to it.

Kathryn Warbrick

Oh woah me! I am so tired as I have to go and concentrate at school and get up early... but yet you weren’t tired enough to not concentrate on playing computer games till stupid o clock... get a grip it’s more down to the parents as well as the kids

Adam Wilcock

What a bunch of bitter people there are commenting on this thread, you didn't get some thing proven to be beneficial, so why should your children and grandchildren. You are the selfish and entitled ones, not teenagers.

Rach Racherson

Hope they change it, for all school ages. School holiday traffic is great, if the kids start at 10, hopefully the roads will be clear as parents will have to start later too

Mek Dawson

Teens can’t get up cos a lot of them are walking the streets scratching cars breaking windows or standing on street corners smoking weed they should have a curfew ,keep them off the streets go to bed early get up early np probs

Susan Longbottom

What ? 10 am start? most schools finish about 3 ish, so that would equate to 5 hours a day , less an hour for lunch, less time spent between classes. Is it any wonder our schools are failing

Kate Yates

Its to do with their natural body clock as it states in the article, teenagers generally need more sleep than the younger and older ones. When they are in their adult years their body clock will change again and they will naturally be able to wake up earlier. Honestly people do your research on the human body!

Sarah Louise Wilkinson


Simple solution Computer phone tv off 9pm! Lights out for 10pm Alarm for 7/7.30.

9/10 hours sleep.

6/7 hours at school.

Get real people this generation is soft.

Discipline of the child and the attitude of the adults is what’s missing here. Two of the most important words in the language.

Jamie Owen Baguley

I don’t really agree with this but, I am 78 and I remember when I was at Grammar school in my teens I seemed to feel tired for much of the time and unlike many of the kids today, I did go to bed early and got plenty of sleep.

Bill Cavanagh

I’m unsure if I agree. But when I was in high school my ‘bedtime’ was 10pm, I’d wake at 7 to be in school by 8.15. The first class was form at 8.30 and then an actual lesson at 9am then a 15 minute break. I’m telling you I completely zoned out of both form and the first lesson as I was too tired. Forever had to play catch up on those 9am lessons as I was too tired despite getting a full 8 hours sleep.

April Natasha Fox

I use to wake up at 6 every morning and walk 3 miles to school cause my parents coudn t afford to pay me the bus and made sure been there for 10 to 8. Sad what the world is becoming,

Sebastiaan Pop

I say go for it. The world is changing, technology is the future yes it has its bad side but doesn’t everything? Schools are changing too, a lot of kids don’t have time for rest and down time, they come home, eat go out to clubs, do homework and go to bed stressed meaning they don’t get a good sleep. This is the same for a lot of adults too. We may be becoming softer in some ways, but we are also thinking more about the mental effects.

Shaun David Badminton

Parents who can't get their kid into school for 9am, will not get their kid into school for 10am..

Robert Roy Morris