'She's my hero' – Lancashire mum saved by heroics of her daughter, seven, after suffering an undiagnosed epileptic seizure

A mum has revealed the heroics of her seven-year-old daughter who quickly administered emergency CPR in the aftermath of an undiagnosed epileptic seizure.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 12th December 2019, 5:33 pm

It started off as a normal Tuesday morning for mum-of-two Becky Green, who had dropped off her son Grant at Our Lady & St Gerard’s RC Primary School in Lostock Hall.

Her daughter Jessica, seven, was off school with an illness.

But soon after dropping Grant off and coming back home to take her of Jessica, it all changed.

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Becky Green with daughter Jessica.
Becky Green with daughter Jessica.

“My daughter was off school so I could not go into work that day,” said Becky, who works in admin for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“I had just dropped off my little boy at school and come back to get Jessica settled on the couch with a Christmas film on the television to make her feel better.

“I had come back into the room bringing her a cup of tea – but the next thing I remember there was an ambulance crew and police officers in my house and my little girl was hysterical.”

At around 9.30am Jessica had suddenly had an epileptic seizure in front of Jessica.

Becky Green with children Grant and Jessica.

But thanks to her quick thinking, CPR – learnt from YouTube videos – was administered by the youngster and emergency services were called to their Farington Moss home.

32-year-old Becky said: “The paramedics told me just how brilliant she had been.

“I was in a little pain, dazed and confused, and they started telling me that I had been fitting on the floor.

“My daughter had straddled me and not knowing what was wrong did CPR on me because she thought I was dying.

Jessica's bravery award

“She knew she had to put all her weight on me from watching videos on YouTube.

“She tried to dial emergency services but she could not use my phone as it had a lock on it.

“She then tried using my fingerprint to open it but it wouldn’t work – but she realised you could use it to dial 999 without needing to open the phone.

“She told the man on the phone everything that had happened.

“She even told him the new address of our house we had moved to which I thought was amazing as she is only seven.

“She was absolutely amazing. She is my hero.”

Twelve years ago Becky collapsed and banged her head, leading to a metal plate in her head due to a tumour that was taken out.

“But since then nothing like this has ever happened,” she said.

Since the incident, which happened on, Tuesday November 26, led to Becky being diagnosed with epilepsy.

In the aftermath, Jessica, who is an active girl guide in the Lostock Hall Brownies, received a bravery award from her primary school, also St Gerard’s like her brother.

“She suffered from a few days afterwards because she could not stop being sick,” said Becky.

“The doctors said she was suffering from post traumatic stress.

“But when she went back to school she got the recognition she deserves.”

Becky also wants to thank the emergency services for helping her as well as daughter Jessica in what was an extremely traumatic time.

She said: “The ambulance crews and police officers must have come so quickly knowing it was just me and her in the house, knowing she was so scared at what was happening.

“They were so comforting to her – I just want to say thank you to them all.

“I want to give a big shout out to the ambulance crew and officers for helping her they were amazing.”

Becky also revealed that Jessica has now set her sights on helping people when she gets older, adding that she thinks she would make a “brilliant doctor or nurse”.

A spokesman for North West Ambulance Service said: "It’s really important that children are taught at an early age of what to do in the event of an emergency by knowing what number to dial and their address.

"We love to hear stories of when children have gone above and beyond and been little superheroes when it comes to an emergency.

"Big well done to Jessica for being so brave and keeping calm in what must have been a very frightening situation.

"We hope that mum Becky is now recovering well."