Secondary school pupils told their finger nails must not exceed certain length

Some social media users disagreed with the rule change
Some social media users disagreed with the rule change
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A secondary school has introduced a new rule in which its students are not permitted to grow their finger nails longer than 1.5cm.

The "nail legislation" was detailed to parents of Rawlett School in Tamworth, Staffordshire, on January 24 on its Facebook page.

The new guidelines tell pupils their nails must not extend more than 1.5cm from the cuticle after "requests from parents for consistency".

Some social media users disagreed with the rule change, and took to the school's Facebook page to express their opinions.

A comment from James Mortimer, who claims to be a former head boy at the school, read: "Once again, The Rawlett School has proven that it cares more about how the students look than their actual education.

"There is nothing wrong with looking smart but when I was there, and I know others that feel the same, some members of staff seemed to focus more on your uniform than actually delivering quality education - it is a shame."

However, some were in favour of the new measures and defended the school's new policy.

Jo Tyrell said: "What's wrong with looking smart? After all, when you go to work you need to be smart and the education is fab."

A spokesman for The Rawlett School said: "The policy was introduced following requests from parents for consistency.

"Students were involved in drawing up the guidance and since it was issued we've had no further issues. It remains in place.

"A number of parents have contacted us to say they appreciate that the guidance was introduced."