Royal Preston Hospital parking row: ‘If parking bothers you - move’

The streets around Royal Preston Hospital have parking problems
The streets around Royal Preston Hospital have parking problems
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A student nurse working at the Royal Preston Hospital has been forced leave a note on her windscreen begging local residents not to vandalise her car after she returned from a shift to find that one of her tyres had been let down.

The 22-year-old - who does not want to be identified - was parked legally in Heversham Avenue late last week when the incident happened.

In her message, she explains that she “works 37.5 hours a week for free” as part of her placement and cannot afford to pay for parking - even if she were eligible for a permit.

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Another student claims to have had a cone deliberately placed under her car, leaving her with a repair bill which will cost her “a fortune”.

If you live near a hospital it’s inevitable that you will get parking problems unless it’s blocking a drive or parked illegally it’s tough – move if you don’t like it.

Yvette Chambers

Long as no drive is blocked what’s the problem. If it eats them away that much seek a move.

Kenny Smith

I honestly don’t see what the issue is here, if I lived near to the hospital, I would actually let the staff use my driveway whilst I was out or at work, as I’d prefer my house not to look empty like no one’s home . . . or even better ask them to put £2 in a tub to park for a day and any money received from this could go to the North West Air Ambulance.

Heather Bennison

Disgusting what has been happening to hard-working nurses – hope the residents are ashamed of themselves.

LTHT needs to source some off site parking and run a shuttle bus- how about the empty, disused park ‘n ride up near Red Scar?

Caroline Lowton

It’s been a problem for years and years.

The capacity at the hospital has increased so much since it first opened in 1981 that no one could ever have predicted the amount of staff who would be employed year on year.

As the hospital takes on more and more facilities and services thus increasing users and staff, the problem is going to become more critical that they should just get on with the multi storey. Multi storey = clear streets = happy people!!!

Linda Bonney Watson

The ‘residents’ ie everyone who lives near the hospital DID NOT object to the multi storey car park. Only those directly affected around Methuen Ave and Yewlands Drive. So please stop implying that we all objected, we didn’t. Most residents would welcome the multi storey car park for obvious reasons.

Graham Jonsey

They think they own the roads. I was nearly late for my first scan with my daughter because a guy gave us abuse, saying we couldn’t park near his house and he was getting a delivery and would ring police if we didn’t move the car.

I had anxiety about my scan, my partner nearly missed it because hospital car park was full.

Anne Marie Cowley

Shocking behaviour, hope these residents never fall ill and expect the same staff they are obstructing to treat them.

Sandra Moffatt