Preston slimming group members strip off to show their newly-found body confidence

Group member Sheila posing for the class
Group member Sheila posing for the class
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Members of a Preston slimming group are so proud of their progress, they’ve stripped of to reveal their results.

Four member of the LighterLife weight loss group on the Docks have taken part in a session run by Preston Life drawing class.

They were inspired to join in after group leader Zoe Hannan posed nude after shedding six stone.

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Zoe, 41, from Salwick, said: “For a lot of people, when they gain a lot of weight, they lose a lot of confidence.

“Doing something like this is all about empowerment, it’s about getting back to loving yourself.”

Model Helen said: I felt amazing when I finished, if a little shaky from standing in one position for 25 minutes. Following the event it has taken me a couple of days to get my head around seeing myself like that, naked, and all the artists impressions.

"But it has given me a boost and a drive to get the next two stone off. It has also made me realise how far I’ve come and I am really proud of myself.”

Model Kitty said: “I have struggled to be comfortable in my own skin, hating the thought of being seen naked, even by my own mother. That was until I became a mother myself and everything changed. Now I want to ensure that my child will be confident in his own skin, to respect his body and others, to see the person not just the flaws. ”

Zoe said the sessions have been so well-received, she is planning on running two more life drawing sessions in the next year as well as a burlesque photo shoot.