Preston fitness instructor offers mum and baby exercise classes to give back to the community

This Preston fitness instructor won’t be letting the coronavirus outbreak stop her latest adventure just yet. Molly Court speaks to Naomi Parker about the importance of her new exercise classes for women, and why she wants to help people.

Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 5:00 pm
Naomi Parker

A mum-of-two from Preston will be offering exercise classes for women across the borough as her way of giving back to the community.

Naomi Parker found a passion for fitness when she decided to lose weight for her wedding day, shortly after giving birth to her second child.

The newly qualified fitness instructor joined mum and baby classes along with following a strict diet.

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But it was only when her youngest child became a little older, she decided to begin a new journey, something which she could be proud of and passionate about.

Naomi, 29, said: “I love doing exercise, putting things together and trying out new things, so I thought I could do these classes myself and give back to the community as well.

“The classes I went to did a lot for me, not just physically but mentally. I’ve got two young children and my husband works long shifts so I was on my own a lot.

“It was good to get out and meet mums who were doing the same sort of thing as me and had similar interests.

“It got me out in the fresh air and gave me a bit of structure and routine. It changed my life so I wanted to give back and help other people.”

Naomi has put together a range of classes for mums and babies, including ‘legs, babies, bums and tums’.

It’s a full body workout and mums can bring their children along too. If their babies are really small, they can be worn in a sling and exercises can be adapted to suit them, or if the children are a little bit older, Naomi will be bringing things to keep them occupied and mums can bring prams, bouncers or snacks.

Naomi said: “I want it to be an environment where mums won’t be stressed.

“It’s their place and it doesn’t matter if the children are giving them a hard time, just as long as they can be with them and have social interaction as well as releasing the endorphins you get through exercise.”

Naomi wanted to do something that was affordable for everyone with no big contracts to join.

She wanted to create a place to bring people together and offer something they might not have had access to before or even knew existed.

Through her classes, she wants to break down the barriers of women going to exercise classes to get fit and healthy.

Naomi said: “A lot of the time you hear people saying ‘oh I don’t want to do that because I’m worried I don’t look a certain way’ or they’re worried they’re not as fit as other people in the class.

“I want to bring people together regardless of whether you’re just starting and you want to lose a bit of weight or you’re getting ready for a wedding or a holiday and you feel a bit anxious about joining a group activity you’ve never done before.

“I want to try and take the stigma away from that and get everyone involved whether you’re a beginner or have been doing fitness for a while.”

Sadly, the coronavirus outbreak means Naomi’s face-to-face classes across Preston and Chorley will be on hold for now, but she has other plans.

“I’m leaning towards online sessions and posting videos on Facebook to keep people fit during this period of time. I’m trying my hardest to keep it going”, she says.

“It does give me extra time and it’s a case of making the best out of a bad situation

“Being a mum myself, I want to give out the message that I’m in the same boat as them and we are all doing the best we can do.

“With the children off for a while, hopefully it can occupy people for a little bit.”

Join Naomi’s online fitness classes by searching Misfit on Facebook. You can also search @misfithealthandfitnesslancs on Instagram to follow Naomi’s new adventure and to find out when her face-to-face classes will launch.

Venues for Naomi''s classes include Penwortham Community Centre, Plungington Community Centre and Grimsargh Village Hall.

Other venues in Chorley include St Joseph’s, St Mary’s, Buttermere Community Centre, Tartan Community Centre and Kingsfold Community Centre.