Menopausal women say no to 'M' badges

Television presenter Andrea McLean is calling for menopausal women to wear badges identifying that they are going through menopause.

Monday, 19th March 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Monday, 19th March 2018, 11:35 am
Television presenter Andrea McLean

But a survey of menopausal women this morning revealed that 72% would hate wearing an 'M' Badge saying they were menopausal and 23% said it fills them with horror.

Becoming as red as a beetroot in public, feeling like you are making your own personal puddle and zoning out with brain fog is embarrassing enough for women going through menopause without choosing to be completely embarrassed in public.

But the TV presenter, Andrea McLean, new brand Ambassador for Become, is suggesting that the 'M' badge would help menopause on public transport so that other passengers cut them some slack.

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She likens it to pregnant women wearing 'Baby On Board' badges.

Whilst wearing an 'M' badge might seem a practical move to a cyber woman, giving her permission to open a window to get some air when she feels she's about to light up like Blackpool Illuminations, anyone with any emotion, especially menopausal women, will laugh out loud or groan in horror giving this idea a huge thumbs down.

Isn't menopause embarrassing enough? Feeling sweat seep through your clothes in public, becoming smelly and anxious is surely badge enough for the average woman going through this phase of their life?

A quick poll of women in Maryon Stewart's Facebook group Natural Menopause this morning confirmed her suspicions.

'Even in the first hour of the survey going live women were expressing their horror,' said Maryon Stewart.

'One of my group said "If that's the case why not wear a P for when you have a period as you are more likely to kill if you can't open that window!!'

One of the other disappointed voices said, "We might as well wear badges stating we are about to have our periods! Where do people get off trying to stigmatise all women as cranky irrational monsters just because we're women. No! Even worse it came from a woman presenter!

Surely it would be better for Andrea McLean and Become, who make gorgeous underwear made from intelligent fabric helping to keep women cool during menopause, to suggest that women implement science-based tools to overcome their power surges including making dietary and lifestyle changes, enabling them to once more embrace life without embarrassment, rather than drawing to public attention their 'M' badge and risk being sniggered at by fellow travellers?