Life-saving Scooby is a doggy blood donor!

Handsome Scooby is saving lives... with a simple 15-minute lie-down.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 23rd August 2019, 10:00 am
Dog Scooby donates blood with the Pet Blood Bank. He is pictured with owner Anne Pratt.

The Dogue De Bordeux-Rottweiler cross is a fully-registered doggy blood donor, and has already donated two pints of blood to dogs in need.

His owner Anne Pratt, 65, from Bispham, said: “I have always known that dogs could give blood, and I thought since he’s a big dog it might be worth looking into.

“He’s a fit and healthy young dog, and he weighs as much as a human, so I’m sure if we can give blood, so can they.”

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Dog Scooby donates blood with the Pet Blood Bank. He is pictured with owner Anne Pratt.

Scooby, a four-year-old neutered male, was registered with the Pet Blood Bank, which provides canine blood to all vet practices across the UK.

He travelled to Bay Vets in Lancaster to give blood for the first time in February, and donated again a few months later.

Anne said: “He’s very laid back, so he took it all quite happily. They gave him a full check over and they took a little bit of blood and they check that it’s OK. Then, if the dogs are OK with it, they are laid down on a table and that’s where they have to stay for 15 minutes while they take the blood from the jugular vein in the neck.

“It’s a very painless, easy procedure if you have got the right temperament dog.”

Dog Scooby donates blood with the Pet Blood Bank

Canine blood donors must be fully vaccinated, between one and eight-years-old, and weigh more than 25kg.

Every unit of blood they give can save four other dogs’ lives.“If you take your dog to the vets and they need a blood transfusion, it’s got to come from somewhere,” Anne said. “The only way it can happen is through people with calm dogs who are willing to go through this procedure.”

Can your dog give blood? Call 01509 232 222, or visit to find out more.