Lancashire mum’s joy thanks to life-saving skin cancer drugs trial

Anne-Marie with husband Brian and daughters Chloe, Ellie and Rosie
Anne-Marie with husband Brian and daughters Chloe, Ellie and Rosie
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A Lancashire mum who had planned poignant goodbye messages for her children after suddenly being diagnosed with inoperable skin cancer is back on her feet thanks to a life-saving cancer drugs trial.

Anne-Marie Fisher, 51, noticed a spot on her thigh but thought she’d just been bitten by something and applied some antiseptic cream.

The mum-of-three, a children’s nurse who ives in Mellor, near Preston, said: “I’d been working in the garden so thought I’d been bitten by a bug or scratched myself. Instead of getting better, it became more raised, red and painful so I went to my GP, who prescribed antibiotics.”

Eventually, Anne-Marie underwent scans and a biopsy which led to the skin cancer diagnosis.

Just months later, Anne-Marie was in a wheelchair and wrapping Christmas gifts of Ipads for her young daughters with the intention of using them to record goodbye messages.

Anne-Marie said: “By then, it was inoperable and had spread. That Christmas, my husband Brian and I bought Ipads for our daughters Chloe, 15, Ellie, 12, and Rosie, 10.

“They were thrilled but the intention behind the gift was for me to record goodbye messages.”

Happily, Anne-Marie is now back at work and her cancer is in remission thanks to a combination of anti-cancer drugs that are currently on trial. Anne-Marie believes she owes her life to the trial and is welcoming the opportunity that Rosemere Cancer Foundation is providing funding for more cancer patients to have the option of taking part in clinical trials.