Joe Wicks ends PE sessions, but tells fans: Keep it up!

Joe Wicks was emotional as he ended the PE sessions which began in lockdown and told fans: "Keep it up."

By Iain Lynn
Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, 3:45 pm

The Body Coach, 33, has raised £580,000 for the NHS through his online workouts.

After completing his final session in his living room, decked out with balloons and bunting, Wicks said he will "be back" later in the year.

The fitness coach's wife Rosie Jones and their children Indie and Marley joined the last session, watched by more than 100,000 people on YouTube.

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Ben and Isaac Rickett take part in the last session of PE with Joe, the online fitness workout by fitness coach Joe Wicks, at their home

"It's a sad day but I'm so proud," Wicks said. "We're fitter and stronger. We're healthier and happier."

After letting off party poppers, he said: "That's the end of PE With Joe.

"Thank you so much for taking part. Thank you to everyone from the teaching assistants, parents, the fans, everyone that's taken part. I've loved it so much and I'm going to miss you all."

Wicks said he would "have a little break" but "will be doing more live work" later.

His voice appearing to crack with emotion, he added: "I don't know what to say, I'm really emotional."

After jumping off his mantelpiece, he signed off by asking fans to keep exercising.

"You feel quite low, your energy is not great. You come through the workout... you feel energised, happy, you're positive, it makes you feel fit and strong and confident," he said.

"Just because live workouts aren't on, keep going. Every single workout we've ever done is on the channel. Go back and relive it.

"Keep training together as a family, you are each other's role models. It's all about mental health and you're going to be living a healthier, happier life if you exercise together. So please keep it up.

"From me and the Wicks family, bye everybody."

The workouts began 18 weeks ago for children stuck at home.

Wicks wrote on Instagram: "Never did I imagine families all over the world would come together to take part. 80 million views is hard to comprehend but this truly is my proudest achievement."

Jones said she was "looking forward to having my husband back in the mornings".

But when Wicks said Jones was crying with emotion because of the final session, she said: "That's sweat!"

The fitness expert later shared a message on Instagram to thank people for joining his sessions, adding: "I hope you've enjoyed it. I have loved it and am sad it's over for now. Don't worry I'll be back again soon. Lots of love the Wicks Family".