"It's madness! People will be dumping stuff everywhere": Your reaction to the council's decision to leave the tips shut

Lancashire County Council’s household waste recycling centres will not be reopening during the current lockdown.

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020, 5:00 pm

The authority made the announcement after the government suggested that local authorities should attempt to keep their tips operating if social distancing measures could be implemented.

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Lancashire's tips will stay shut for as long as the lockdown lasts

But with more people stuck at home with more time on their hands, the decision has not gone down well. Here's a selection of views from our social media channels:

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Lancashire County Councils household waste recycling centres will not be reopening during lockdown

Well they best not moan when everywhere is fly tipped then

Kevin Winterbourne

We closed our recycling centres in line with government advice ... we won't reopen them again despite the government last week suggesting we should attempt to keep tips operating. Sounds logical.

Ian Ferguson

Ridiculous! Everyone can adhere to the social distancing rule and cost way more to clean up after fly tippers especially at a time when everyone is stolidly in and doing more diy projects and having massive spring cleans etc!

Chelle Garnett

Does he not realise people use the tip to get rid of things you wouldn't usually put in your regular bin.

Regular bin is likely to fill quicker with everyone being at home.

And surely some simple measures could be put in place to guarantee social distancing.

Why have staff been relocated, they haven't increased bin collections so why do they need more staff?

Sean Jackson

It is essential when my bin is full within the week never mind waiting every two weeks for it to be emptied there is 6 of us in my house and with us being home more now the rubbish is mounting!

Lindseyann Danks

Tips to remain closed not only will be infested with covid-19 we'll be infested with rats through fly tipping

Lorraine Webster

So B&Q is reopening today, encouraging people to do DIY & gardening, but the Tip stays shut. That makes no sense at all....get them open and manage the queue like supermarkets are doing.

Mark Mason

Kirsten Harris Why can’t the council just open and do appointment slots !All anyone is doing is cleaning garages, gardens and your not collecting green waste and people moan if you burn anything !

Kirsten Harris

What’s the difference in going to the tip or going to Sainsburys??

Julie Desanti

We’re a family of 7 and have 2 grey bins that are constantly full. Now no cardboard bag emptied and have to put it in the blue bin. Where would you like me to put the bottles. It’s a joke.

Sarah Fleming

If the tips are closed and the wonderful bin men are only coming every other week why are we still paying full council tax? Another thought whilst the roads are a lot quieter why aren’t the highways sorting out all the potholes and generally making the highways better?

Jane Tyson

Yet keep construction sites open and reopening builders merchants and suppliers beggars belief

Colin Hull

Wigan council reopened all tips last week due to a huge increase in fly tipping!

Nyree Brown

Fly tipping at the end of our Lane every day

Louise Culshaw

Why? What do you really touch at the tip apart from your own things your putting in there... Wear gloves and dispose of them after your last load has gone into the tip.

Dom Allen