How losing weight stopped Helen's back pain and gave her the confidence to set up Enigma 2 All Art in Longridge

Losing weight can have a positive impact on a number of things.

Saturday, 23rd November 2019, 11:45 am
Helen Henderson now with her work and other work at The Furniture Tailor Showroom, in Longridge.

Now two stones lighter, Helen Henderson has taken a new direction in life and has launched her own business.

Before joining WeightWatchers, the 53-year-old from Ribchester had developed a repetitive strain injury, caused by carrying extra weight whilst standing all day, cutting and colouring hair at her salon – Enigma Hairdressing.

She was in considerable pain, as she suffered major problems with the discs in her back and nerves in her neck and as a result, had to give up her job.

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Helen Henderson before she lost weight

Feeling pretty despondent about her weight and having no job, last spring she joined WW in Longridge and after losing two stones, she noticed a marked difference in her body and the pain stopped.

With a new found confidence, she began creating bespoke art and upcycling furniture and soon launched Enigma 2 All Art, which specialises in restoring and painting furniture and creating wall plaque signs and gifts.

She works from home, displaying her items at markets and The Furniture Tailor Showroom, in Longridge.

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“I ended up with a repetitive strain injury and combined with my extra weight it was a nightmare.

“I had to give up work and rent my salon out.

“During that time – last February – my son got married and I looked horrendous in the photos.

“So I joined WW and it was the best thing I had ever done.

“As I was not working, I had more time to focus on my hobby, as I had always enjoyed painting furniture and making things with wood.

“People started liking my stuff so I started selling it.

“And whilst I was at WW, I was losing weight and my pain got much better. I was able to be more active and do exercises to help my spine and neck.

“It gave me more positive mindset to make me feel better about myself.

“It gave me more confidence to continue my hobby and develop it into a business.

“I now have the courage to be the best person I can be.”

Helen, who has one son and is looking forward to being a grandmother for the first time in April, has lost 31lbs and is continuing her journey, aiming to lose another stone. She says: “I would like to lose another stone, but if I lose between 9-10lbs, I would be happy.

“I will still keep going to WW as I wouldn’t have the control to keep the weight off without the group’s support.

“Our class is a supportive one with everyone cheering each other on and helping when you are stumbling, this is very much due to our wellness coach Claire Anderson, as she leads but also encourages us all to partake with each other plus our group Facebook is chatty fun and inspiring swapping recipes, tips and positivity when needed.”

Claire says: “I am so proud of Helen and what she has achieved. She has embraced the WW Plan wholeheartedly and changed her health and lifestyle for good. I am particularly proud of the way Helen inspires other members.

“She posts photos of her amazing healthy meals on our Facebook group and is always keen to help others when she can.”

Claire’s group meets at the Over 60s Club, Longridge every Thursday.