Wyre residents are 'overwhelmingly' complying with Covid regulations

Over Wyre and Garstang police have said they are 'very grateful' to local residents who have been complying with coronavirus guidelines in the new national lockdown.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 10:46 am

In a social media statement, Wyre and Garstang police thanked residents for following the new guidelines but said that they will still be patrolling beauty spots over the coming weeks.

They added that they will continue with routine traffic stops and question people on their reasons for being outdoors.

A spokesperson said: "Despite personal sacrifices and hardships, Wyre residents have overwhelmingly complied with the regulations throughout this pandemic. From the police, we are very, very grateful.

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Over Wyre and Garstang police have thanked residents for following covid guidelines

"By doing so, you are helping us too, by enabling us to deal proactively with the small minority of people that break the rules.

"To do this, you will see us proactively patrolling, including at beauty spots. We will be challenging groups of young people and adults and conducting traffic stops to ensure that people have not travelled great distances to exercise.

"If we stop and speak to you, please don’t be offended. We are out to try and keep Wyre safe for everyone."

Local beauty spots that could attract interest include Rossall Point, Lane Ends, Millennium Green and Scorton.

Under current guidelines, people are encouraged to stay at home, but may leave for exercise purposes only.

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