This is what Public Health England's 'area of intervention' watchlist category means for Preston

Each week, Public Health England (PHE) publishes a 'watchlist' of areas of concern based on new coronavirus infection rates.

Friday, 7th August 2020, 4:52 pm

Preston is to be included in the additional restrictions that apply to other parts of east Lancashire, Greater Manchester and west Yorkshire.

Areas of concern fall under one of the following categories dependent on the level of local support needed:

Area of concern>>

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Fishergate Hill in Preston

Areas of concern are those areas that have some of the highest rates of new infection in the country. Local authorities may increase testing in care homes and work with communities identified as high risk.

Area of enhanced support>>

Areas in this category receive extra resources, such as more mobile testing, including, testing people with or without symptoms, extra testing kits and help analysing data by national experts.

The Director of Public Health for Lancashire, Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, said being put in a higher risk category on the watchlist meant there had been extra support similar to that seen in higher risk areas.

Area of intervention>>

Parts of east Lancashire were identified as 'areas of intervention' recently, with residents were told not to meet those from other households indoors or in private gardens.

Gyms, pools, fitness and dance studios and other sports facilities also remained closed while other areas saw the same facilities reopen.

From midnight on Friday 7 August, Preston has been designated the third of these options by Government following a spike in cases; an "area of intervention".