This is why 160 fixed penalty notices have been issued for breaches of the COVID regulations at Manchester Airport

Officers at Manchester Airport are engaging with an increasing number of people who are arriving at the airport with no intention of travelling.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 4:42 pm

Around 160 fixed penalty notices have been issued for breaches of the COVID regulations at the airport.

Large groups of people are dropping family members off and coming in to the departures terminal, which under the current regulations is not allowed.

People have been asked to ensure that they have a valid reason for travel, under the exemptions.

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Passengers at Manchester Airport

Legally, you will have to notify the airlines of the reason for your journey from Monday 8 March.

The stay at home messaging remains the same and you must only travel if it is essential.

If you are travelling and need to be dropped off at the airport, this should be done by one family member either in your household or in your bubble.

If this is not possible a taxi or public transport is the best method of travel to prevent large groups gathering inside the terminal.

Police officers will be on patrol to engage with people in an effort to keep others safe.

You may be stopped and questioned if they suspect you are not there to travel and an FPN may be issued.

Police also offered these guidelines:


- Nominate one driver from your household or bubble to drop you off at the airport

- Arrange to travel by taxi or public transport if you can't be driven by one person

- Only enter the terminal if you are travelling


- Bring people who are not travelling in to the terminal - having more people in there than needed is risking the health of others

- Travel unless it is essential - the COVID regulations remain in place

Chief Inspector Andy Sutcliffe at Manchester Airport said: "Traditionally people arrive at the airport to wish loved ones and family members a safe flight and to wave them off.

"Unfortunately at the moment this is not possible due to COVID-19 and the regulations that the Government has put in place.

"We are trying to minimise the number of people in the departures terminal and this is not possible when people who are not travelling enter the area.

"It's risking the health of everyone in the terminal including my officers who have to actively engage with them to question why they are there.

"Only people who are travelling on a pre-booked flight should be in the terminal and they should be dropped off by one person from their household or bubble or by public transport.

"We are patrolling in-line with Government regulations and will do all we can to reduce the spread of the virus and protect the legitimate users of the airport"

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