'A massive thank you to our key workers.. You're all doing a fantastic job' - Your messages of support following last night's applause

Lancashire's streets were once again filled with the sound of applause last night in a show of appreciation for all the hard working NHS staff and keyworkers across the region.

Friday, 3rd April 2020, 9:25 am
Updated Friday, 3rd April 2020, 9:26 am

At 8pm on Thursday, April 2, 2020 residents stood, proudly, clapping, cheering, and banging pots and pans to show their appreciation.

Following the nationwide applause you shared your messages of support, here are some of the hundreds of messages we received:

Just wanted to mention added gratitude to the Porters, my eldest son is working 12 hour shifts and delivers patients to all the different departments of the hospital. He has to put all the protective equipment on and the disinfectant regime is strict - hands are raw with the continual washing and alcohol rubs. Also my Niece is a paramedic very much on the front line and they are both constantly in my prayers for their health and safety. Not forgetting medical secretaries who are not able to work from home.

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Hundreds of people clapped and banged pots and pans in appreciation of the nations keyworkers.

Carol Love

I live across from Ribble Court in Ashton and lots of the elderly joined in this week clapping in their windows, it was lovely to see.

Jolene Stamford

Black bull lane again. More people than last week.

Debra Fitzsimmons

A Sainsbury's delivery driver went past at the same time near us, received a huge cheer :)

Neil Coggins

A massive thank you to our key workers.. You're all doing a fantastic job.

Ben Huffy

I wasn't going to go out and clap because I feel ill but I put my gloves n mask on and clapped with my husband well done everybody.

Joanna Wild

Instead of clapping give nurses the wage they deserve without being taxed.

Sheila Oastler

Yes we clapped. Yes we think all of the people who work in the NHS deserve a pay rise. Thanks to you all.

David Sally Buttimer Foster

Thank you for everyone on Brookfield Preston. We both work for the NHS and you made me proud.xx

Karen Jacob

LEP can we also mention, care workers caretakers of schools , cleaners of schools, teaching staff and also welfare staff at schools.

Lyndsey Jump

Well some people have gratitude for the amazing work our NHS do putting theirselves at risk to save other lives and all other services, so all including OXFORD STREET WELL DONE GUYS STAND PROUD STAY SAFE.

Jan Stoneheart Broadhead

Not as loud as last week but we still did it with some fireworks. It’s for everyone who has helped through all this, always has been for me.

Jay Bee

Well done to everyone who applauded we all need to stand together ( well 2m apart ) to get through this, the NHS nurses and doctors are doing amazingly on the front line in A&E there are also the ward staff no matter what grading, the mental health teams all supporting each other working together to fight this and beat it xx

Sharon Bev

Oh yes, in Heskin near Chorley with my pan and spoon.

Great to hear everyone.

Gill Steen

I certainly did big shout out for the Crisis Mental health Team that do a great job as do all public workers.. massive hand clapping from Victoria road and surrounding area tonight!!

Marie Fitzsimon

Yes for all those working harder than they ever have and for people staying home and callon estate credit to your community spirit i could hear you from Miller road.

Angela Fearns

Hope people still clap after this is over.

And not moan about where nurses park

Jason Davis

Last week it was shocking no one on my street opened their doors - delighted with the response tonight almost every front door was open with a huge applause , fireworks and cheers

Heather Knight

Of course, Whitendale and Dunsop close Bamber Bridge, we will be there every Thursday....

Maureen Calderbank

Don't need to, always known they doing the job they joined and have deserved recognition since its foundation.

William Jon