Lancashire people share their experiences of coronavirus symptoms

Many people are understandably frightened at the numbers of patients hospitalized with coronavirus but as the Government’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Chris Whitty has repeatedly said most victims will only suffer with minor symptoms.

Governments Chief Medical Officer Dr Chris Whitty
Governments Chief Medical Officer Dr Chris Whitty

Most people who suspect they have Covid-19 will not need hospital treatment and so will not be tested to confirm whether they do indeed have the virus.

To offset some of the fears people have we invited Lancashire Post readers who have had Covid-19 symptoms to share their experience on our Facebook page and dozens of you did.

It is important to note that very few of the people presenting symptoms will know for certain whether they have the illness due to the lack of testing so please follow the Government’s guidelines and STAY AT HOME AND STAY SAFE.

I was tested positive for Covid-19, was tested due to my mum being a nurse and I showed symptoms. First I had a sore throat and thought it was tonsillitis. I had a fever and high temp, aching and incredibly tired. My chest felt tight but breathing seemed OK. My cough didn’t come until day four. This cough was like a chesty cough and then my taste and smell completely went! This was the most unusual symptom. I have had friends with this symptom only and nothing else!

Jo Ormy

I have tested positive. I work for the NHS and was expecting it to be honest. I am on day 14 now and starting to feel more normal, still got a cough though. My symptoms have been mild, low grade fever, body aches, extreme tiredness, sore throat, ear pains, runny nose and a complete loss of smell on day 5 with diminished sense of taste. My chest got tight and taking a deep breath was uncomfortable but not impossible. Today is the first day I have not had a fever, still feeling tired though. Anxiety has been a huge problem with all we are bombarded with in the media.

Sharon Sayer

I was very poorly for two weeks but have been fine again for a week now. I had to have 10 days of high dosage steroids and inhalers as it triggered my asthma that I haven’t suffered with for years. I started with what felt like a furball in my throat, and then my airways felt so dry, as if dried powder had been poured into them and I couldn’t stop coughing. I was also very tired but couldn’t sleep and I suffered so much anxiety watching the daily death toll climb. I seem to still get a cough on and off, and am still tired, but am otherwise recovered. I wasn’t tested but my GP and two paramedics (I had visits for breathing difficulties) said my symptoms were indicative of Covid-19.

My husband has since had a bad dry cough and very tired with upset stomach - now recovered. My daughter had a minor cough but mostly a sore throat for a few days - again now recovered.

Joanne Baybutt

I had mild symptoms back end of February ( I think partner brought it back from an apres ski bar in Ishgul, Austria). He had all the symptoms, shivering, bones aching, sweats, no cough though. His friend who had been on holiday tested posted for a Covid-19 and was ill for two weeks. Five days later I lost my taste and smell for nine days. I couldn’t smell vapour rub or taste a hot curry. Felt fine apart from that. Came back after nine days, thank goodness. Most people will have had mild symptoms. I still went to work and didn’t infect anyone - thank goodness.

Kristen Rawstron

I started feeling extremely exhausted, irritable (can’t comment on loss of smell as I’d also started with a bit of hay fever a few days previous) then on day two I was very shivery, couldn’t get warm but later that evening started getting hot (didn’t check temp but felt hot to touch). Woke a little wet and sweaty that night (which isn’t like me) day four suddenly got a dry throat and cough which was very distinctive, then had continuous cough but not too bad. It then moved to my lungs and I was a little breathless and my lungs felt cold, achy like I’d been for a run and pushed myself a little. But not worrying at all. I also had a headache. I didn’t need to go back to bed throughout any of this, I worked from home, played with my kiddies (they had it first) and if I didn’t think it was coronavirus I wouldn’t have thought much of it. It was like a bad cold without the snot.

Hayley Lloyd

Started with a sore throat and cold like symptoms just before lockdown, felt ‘out of puff’, then came the body aches, fatigue and general feeling exhausted. High temp only 1 night, caused me to pass out. Then realised I’d lost my sense of smell. Left with extreme lethargy and a chest that’s taken four weeks to recover. But all back to normal now.

Debbie Eyles

I woke up three weeks ago with a headache and painful back, temp was 38.4 I knew straight away i had the virus, complete exhaustion, aching painful body, high temperatures, no appetite, but I didn’t have a cough, this lasted for two weeks, I cannot tell you all how poorly I felt, I just feel so relieved I am on the better side.

Cathy Mulready

Definitely think I had it a few weeks ago - I was really poorly for about 10 days but no cough... some of the things we are now told are part of the virus (loss of taste/smell and diarrhoea) I had but didn’t realise it was virus symptoms. I thought it was gastric flu. I now feel fine and isolated for two weeks, as that finished, we were in lockdown so I’m on week six.

Janey Dee

Started off with chills at 2am. Followed by shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, headache. But no cough. Dry eyes. Dry mouth. Extreme thirst. On day 8 now and just starting to feel human. May not be Covid-19 but nasty nevertheless.

Judith Alexandra Booth

Back at end of February I started with a sore throat, a dry cough, lethargic, felt like I was swallowing razor blades, felt heavy on my chest. Went home from work ill and slept for two days, still wasn’t right after two weeks and then got conjunctivitis and sore eyes which took nearly three weeks to clear up and actually go, I went to the doctors who said it was a virus and to rest.. I bought throat sprays, vitamin C tablets, eye drops, paracetamol, ibuprofen. Took weeks to finally feel better.

Amanda Hogg

Started with an annoying tickly cough which lasted five/six days, then started losing my hearing, taste and smell, high temperature started day seven/eight lasted on and off for six days... aches and pains, breathless, cough...111 called twice, and ambulance once.. as all obs were OK, and only had the temperature at that point I wasn’t admitted, I’d managed up until then with paracetamol, told to ring if got any worse. Thankfully that was my last day of high temperature, and I’ve now been symptom free for 11 days.

Margaret Dyson

I don’t know if I had it but about three weeks ago I started with a tickly cough and then felt incredibly tired (sleeping most of the day) with very little energy. I didn’t want to eat much and my temperature went up but not over 38 degrees. It lasted about three - four days and then had minor symptoms for another few days. I made sure I drank rehydration salts and ate whenever I could manage it to keep my strength up. It wasn’t bad but just made me extremely tired.

Louise Speakman

Last week had diarrhoea sickness, extreme headaches, high temperature 38+ sweating, flue like symptoms, lethargic, spaced out. No energy and just slept for up to 14/18 hours a day, no appetite only could have sips of water. Slightly hard breathing. Still in self isolation this week.

Jeannie Ghezzi

I was really poorly for four weeks starting with a sore throat and swollen neck, a burning feeling down in to my chest, shortness of breath bad chest infection coughing up green mucus. I could not lie down at night to sleep and feeling I was drowning, severe cough and feeling like I had glass in my throat. It has left me feeling tired and week. I’ve only just got right today but I still have the cough.

Amanda Joanne Whewell

I’m sure I’ve had it. I’m now recovered and had mild symptoms cough, body aches, fever and completely lost my sense of taste and smell. This was nearly three weeks ago. My cough has only just gone. If mine were only mild symptoms then I’d hate to think what the more severe ones are like.

Nicola Wildman

I’ve had Covid-19, no test. Started March 17. Cough, sore throat, no energy, shortness of breath, no sense of smell, cramps in stomach painful sinuses, difficulty swallowing tablets. Just as I think I am OK the cough and/or shortness of breath comes back. Obviously I have not been tested so I don’t know for certain.

Andie Danson

Just had a few days with flu like aches a bit of a temperature. But lost the sense of taste for two weeks and sense of smell for three weeks and not totally back yet. But wasn’t to ill at all really.

Lynne Nash

I’ve had temperatures/ headaches/ sore throat and body aches / no taste or smell but manageable I have been tested and still waiting my results but I’m on day five now still had a slight temp this am but improved massively to what it has been headaches slowly improving again manageable, slight cough but no breathing problems so strange but certain it is Covid-19.

Emily Mcgregor

Me and my husband think we have had it end of February. Both had hacking cough, temperature, aching and a headache, loss of appetite no everything tasted like cardboard, no energy. Would say the cough went on for a good three weeks.

Helen Tuson

Been in bed 10 days started with major headache runny nose fatigue sweating chills but no fever shortness of breath sore chest and back aching joints sore throat coughing up flem.

Sophie Peter

Lots of front of head headache, total loss of smell and taste, feeling cold and sweaty but no temperature, just feel off, spaced out, loss of appetite.

Marnie Wild

Me and my boys believe we had it mid March, me and my 15-year-old with mild asthma had a fever, sore throat, headache, chills, slightly breathless, body ache in bed for a few days. We were totally fine in a week, my 12-year-old got a fever, was tired and body ache for two days a week later in isolation and then he was fine too. Hope that was it for us. Not been tested but I believe it was Covid-19.

Juney McScott

Sore throat no cough felt like I could sleep for days just absolutely tired no energy at all.

Dee Parris

I’ve had it and have been tested. Fever, bad headache, cough, aches, exhaustion and no sense of smell nor taste. It’s taking me more than four weeks but I’m turning a corner.

Ruth Burnley FC

l Remember Do not leave home if you or someone you live with has either:

l A high temperature;

l A new, continuous cough.

l Check the NHS website if you have symptoms and if they worsen call 111