Here's what YOU think the Government should do to tackle coronavirus in Lancashire

With Lancashire facing tougher coronations restrictions we wanted to know what you think the authorities - and the public - should do tackle Covid-19.

Friday, 18th September 2020, 2:00 pm
Readers have had their say on coronavirus restrictions Photo by Willfried Wende from Pixabay

Ahead of today's announcement of new measures scores of readers replied on our Facebook page to let us know what they think should happen.

Simon Hodge said: "Close social outlets. If you cant go to an outside stadium to watch sport why should you be allowed to meet and congregate in pubs and cafes and the like. Remember the numbers are relative to the venue size. All these businesses care about is money. It's not necessarily the government. The business owners can make their own decisions."

Elsie Dawn said: "Masks being worn by parents collecting children outside schools. Social distancing by parents outside schools."

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Ali Prescott said "Shops and supermarkets should have set times for the non mask wearers ie an hour in the am and an hour pm."

James Borthwick said: "There should be a restriction on people traveling put a ten miles radius in the whole country."

John Arthur Handley said: "Shut all the pubs figures only seem to have risen since they opened pubs and bars."

Ian March said: "Enforcing the existing rules and guidelines would be a start. Shoppers barging past, no masks (not convinced so many people have health reasons not to wear them), not observing 2 metre distancing in bank queues etc."

Gavbecky Hart said: "Lock down the whole country for a month to six weeks then relax slightly for Christmas."

Louise Gill said: "Restrict pub and restaurant opening times. Limit people in stores and implement two metre social distancing. So really go one step back. If necessary national lockdown for two weeks."

Paul Walmsley said: "Doesn't matter what rules are put in place. The vast majority of people adhere to Government guidelines. Unfortunately there are far too many people who are unwilling to adhere to any guidelines and, as a consequence, they put everyone else at risk. These people will never be any different because they don't like being told what to do."

Richard Tattersall said: "The whole point of lockdown was so NHS wasn't overwhelmed it wasn't plus all these Nightingale hospitals weren't used so take Sweden's approach now."

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Diane Hood said: "The lockdowns aren't working, the masks aren't working so just leave us be to get on with things or get everyone on the same agenda , you can't have half a country doing one thing and the rest doing the opposite."

Alethia Martin said: "As if anyone doesn’t realise by now that this is a virus that is following the same pattern as colds and flu. It is seasonal, hence the massive reduction over the summer and the beginning of an increase now. Any further lockdown will delay the transmission, not eradicate it. We have been trying to get rid of colds and flu for centuries but to no avail. We need to lift all restrictions and get on with life as we do every single year through the flu season."

Jacquelyne Carter said: "Stop the rules, let life go back to normal. Kids being sent home left, right and centre by staff who aren't medically trained to determine if a child has covid...enforcing them to be tested or to be isolated. Tests being wasted and kids missing out on learning."

John Price said: "End lockdown and empower people to make the decisions for themselves. Knowing the risks and then balancing them against their own unique set of circumstances. Protect the vulnerable if they want to be protected."

Tony Lam said: "Nothing. People get ill. People die. That’s life. We all have just one so let’s live it. The measures are simply not working and not feasible. If people want to wear masks let them. If people don’t want to, those that are concerned can wear theirs. Seems straight forward enough."