Fishing is form of ‘exercise’ so permitted during lockdown

Recreational fishing will be allowed in England during the latest lockdown after the Government accepted it was a form of exercise, the Angling Trust has said.

Thursday, 7th January 2021, 7:12 pm

Its leaders say they have successfully argued the benefits of fishing on an individual’s health and well-being, with the Government accepting it should be allowed.

Jamie Cook, CEO of the Angling Trust, said in a statement: “We have worked extremely hard to reach this position and we as anglers have a duty to abide by the strict conditions under which fishing is once again permitted.

“With infection rates and death tolls rising we must stick to the Government’s rules and ensure that angling remains part of the solution and does not cause problems.”

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Recreational fishing will be allowed in England during the latest lockdown

He said anglers must remain local to their area, and if they have no fishing nearby, they must find another form of exercise.

Although angling is allowed, competition is not, so there must be no match fishing.

And as exercise is limited to once a day, there must be no overnight fishing, Mr Cook said.

He added: “We are once again able to enjoy the sport we love at a time when many others can not and we must ensure that every angler adheres to the rules.”

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has been approached for comment.

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