Coronavirus: Back from Tenerife lockdown - in the nick of time

Well, we made it home.

Friday, 20th March 2020, 11:23 am
Farewell to Tenerife for another year

It looked a bit touch and go on Wednesday night as we went for our scheduled flight back from Tenerife to Manchester.

Other holidaymakers in Playa de Las Americas were telling us their flights had been cancelled.

But good old Ryanair did what they promised and flew us back home just as it was announced that all hotels in Spain would close next Tuesday.

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Tenerife's streets, normally bustling at night, are deserted

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I know a Lancashire couple who can only get home by flying back to Edinburgh this weekend.

And a woman on our flight was flying into Manchester en route to Bournemouth(!).

There were stories of inflated prices being charged for last-minute bookings as holidaymakers doubted whether they would be able to get home at all.

To be honest, holidaymakers did not expect the lockdown to be extended to the Canary Islands. The locals and Brits in business, however, had an inkling something was coming.

Overnight, many Italians in our complex were suddenly wandering around fully dressed with masks or scarves, and sometimes even wearing latex gloves. The Brits, like us, carried on regardless and tried to enjoy what was left of their holiday within the new rules..

At the end of the day, the coronavirus lockdown we endured for three days was not a disaster. It spoiled the end of the holiday but it didn't ruin it for us.

We were self catering, so we were able to cook, drink and enjoy ourselves on the balcony.

And we found possibly the best Indian takeaway in the world just 50 yards away that delivered to your door (albeit wearing masks!).

It did however feel slightly edgy after a couple of days when police were stopping cars, and asking couples walking along the deserted streets with shopping bags where they were going.

Supermarkets were reducing their hours and many were operating a one-in-one-out policy for customers.

One supermarket gave you plastic gloves as you went in and reminded you to keep your receipt in case you were stopped by the authorities (only trips out for essential items and medicines are allowed).

A sign of things to come in England? I hope not.

In the meantime let's all take care...