Battling 11-year-old Ewan is back from US tumour treatment

Football mad Ewan Bradley is ready to show cancer the red card after pioneering proton beam therapy in the United States.

Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 1:50 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 2:56 pm
Ewan Bradley, 10, of Lea, is back from the US after undergoing pioneering proton beam therapy on a brain tumour.

Doctors have told the 11-year-old Preston schoolboy that his brain tumour has responded well to treatment following a nine-week stay at a specialist unit in Oklahoma.

The news has thrilled Ewan’s family and the scores of friends and neighbours who raised cash to make sure mum Fiona and younger brothers Scott and Marshall could fly out to be with him during the treatment.

“The doctors are very pleased with Ewan - they feel there is cause for celebration,” said a relieved Fiona.

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Ewan Bradley pictured with his mum Fiona

“The results of his latest scan have come back and there has been a big improvement. They say he has responded well to the proton beam treatment.

“The scan shows burnt cells around the edge of the tumour and, if it carries on like that, all the bad cells will be killed off and unable to grow back.

“Obviously, we are delighted with the news. It’s still early days, but after all the worry, things are finally beginning to look up.”

Ewan was first diagnosed with the tumour in late 2014, but surgery in wasn’t 100 per cent successful. When the remainder of the tumour started to progress again, doctors turned to the revolutionary proton beam therapy - not yet on offer in the UK - and the NHS funded the trip to Oklahoma, but the finance only covered Ewan and his dad Ben.

Ewan Bradley pictured with his mum Fiona

Hairdresser Fiona was forced to stay back home in Nelson Crescent, Lea, with her two other boys until a fund set up by one of her clients, Sam Jones, raised the cash needed to send the whole family out to the States.

“Everyone was absolutely amazing and I can’t thank them enough,” said Fiona. “One man, a complete stranger, turned up with a cheque for £1,500 after he heard what had happened.

“Ewan was really missing me and his brothers and so it gave him a huge lift when we went out there to be with him, especially as it was his 11th birthday while he was in Oklahoma.

“It’s been a long slog and the doctors say it could take up to two years for the tumour to go. But they are very encouraged.

“We all feel relief at being able to say it is moving forward - we can start getting on with our lives a little bit now and get back to normal.

“Ewan still tires very easily and he isn’t back at school full-time yet. But he is back to training with his football team Springfields FC. They have been absolutely brilliant with him, letting him go down and train with the other boys.

“He is so passionate about his football. He wants to get back to playing as soon as he can.”

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