Assisted deaths: Who is Lancashire man Noel Conway and why is he campaigning for assisted dying to be legalised?

Noel Conway (PA Wire)
Noel Conway (PA Wire)
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Earlier this year a retired Lancashire lecturer living with motor neurone disease lost his legal challenge over the right to an assisted death.

Noel Conway, 68, from Blackburn, lost the case at the UK court of appeal in July.

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He said: “This illness has already taken away my ability to breathe independently and I am now almost completely immobile.

“I know it will also rob me of my life, and I have accepted that. But what I cannot accept are the options I am faced with under the current law.

“I am told that I can choose between letting nature take its course until I am completely unable to move or communicate; hastening my death by removing my ventilator with no guarantee my suffering can be completely relieved; attempting to end my own life at home in potentially painful and traumatic circumstances; or making the arduous and expensive journey to Dignitas and risking prosecution for any loved ones who accompany me.

“It is barbaric to force me to decide between these unacceptable options.”