"Wonder if the teacher would like to walk home in the snow with no coat on?" - Reaction to claims a schoolboy had to cycle home in the snow with no coat because it was the wrong colour

A Preston mum has claimed that her son was sent home from school in freezing conditions with no coat yesterday, because a teacher confiscated it due to its colour.

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 1:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 3:18 pm
Samantha Pooley says her 13-year-old son Leo

Samantha Pooley says her 13-year-old son Leo, who attends Corpus Christi High School, was about to put on his green coat to cycle home at the end of the day, when a teacher took it off him because of school rules which only allow pupils to wear blue or black coats.

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Mum's fury after son sent home from Fulwood's Corpus Christi High School in free...

Samantha said “He walked through the door soaking wet and freezing because his coat was green.

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Samantha Pooley says her 13-year-old son Leo

"He was ice cold when he got home. How can you send a lad out into the snow like that without his coat?

"Why couldn't he wear his coat when he got outside? It is just cruel."

Here is how readers have reacted to the story:

Comments blaming the mother or the school are missing the point. A child was cold having to cycle home without a coat in this weather. DisgraceJodi Williams

Wonder if the teacher would like to walk home in the snow with no coat on ?Kim Jones

How ridiculous as an actual policy. There is “Be bright Day” every year at my daughters school to explain to younger children it’s safer to be seen especially in the winter months. I have nearly hit someone crossing Blackpool road (not at a crossing) at about 5.30pm as he was wearing black coat black pants hood up etc until I got close enough as he was stood in the middle of the road crossing over!! Worst possible colour for a poorly lit “city” in the winter months.Adele Wignall

Sense has just eluded people these daysCatherine Sarah Greenwood

Do the “staff” follow said school policy??? Whilst driving to and from school and having a brew at breaktime ludicrousAdele Wignall

Teachers are allowed to do what they want , if we did it we would have social services on are back for neglect !!! ShockingCharlene Suzanne Hunt

If it was after school what has it got to do with them what he is wearing! Disgusting!Emma Martin

The teacher was obviously in the wrong though couldn't this all have been avoided had the boys mum bought the correct colour coat like I'm assuming parents of hundreds of other children did?Lucy Phair

Disgusting!! Behaver of Teacher have they no Compassion I ask my selfWas bad weather yesterday all needed to be said was don't wear that Coat again let Him Cycle Home Poor Lad bet he was Freezing Cold when he did get HomeI hope he doesn't catch Flue by this unacceptable action by Teacher I would be onto School Head if he does to Complain!!!Joan Johnston

We used to do P.E in freezing conditions, no coat just shorts and t shirt. No one blinked an eye back then. Also the amount of kids I see wearing next to nothing going out in freezing cold weather is unbelievable.Charlotte Stewart