What we know about world class expert Sandra Wearden

Dr Sandra Wearden
Dr Sandra Wearden
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New book is a world first

Because of her research, Dr Sandra Wearden is now acknowledged as a world-class expert on degree ceremonies and academic dress.

She says: “There is a huge passion for pageantry in this country and abroad, as we’ve seen through the global interest in recent royal weddings.
“That’s only likely to increase.”

Dr Wearden will be talking about the idea behind and purpose of her book to undergraduates and their families at the university campus in July.

People will be able to meet her at the marquee on Lancaster Square at Lancaster University from July 16 – 19, where they can also buy a copy of the guide.

A Guide to Degree Ceremonies, by Dr Sandra Wearden is available now priced at £7.99. ISBN: 978-1-78926-936-9. The book is available online from Waterstones, Amazon, eBay and from www.degree-ceremonies.com