"What about the students? Have they been told to self quarantine for 14 days?": Your reaction to Archbishop Temple closure

Archbishop School in Preston closed today amid coronavirus fears after students returned from a skiing trip to northern Italy.

Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 2:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 2:11 pm
Archbishop Temple School in Fulwood, Preston

Lancashire County Council said the school, which has 765 pupils and 48 teachers, will undergo a deep clean before reopening on Monday (March 2).

Here's some of our reader's reaction to the news:

omg in Preston

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Nisha-Parmar Panchal

Massive over reaction considering the Department of Health says there is no need to close schools

Buckshaw Life via Twitter

The problem is the virus can take 14 days to come out and in that period people are contagious so really they should be be asking the children who went on the ski trip to stay home for 14 days! Maybe they have already!

Stephanie Traynor

I think this is really sensible precautions!!

Deborah Maitland

Too little too late

Crispin Robinson

Why on earth did the trip go ahead in the frist place everyone should be stopped travelling

Adrianne Littlefair

Should we be concerned with children who go to a school with siblings at Archbishop?

Sophie Oddity Howarth

Why let the children back to school who have been on the trip

Vicki Tyrer

What about the students? Have they been told to self quarantine for 14 days?

Stephanie Traynor

Wat about the vehicles they travelled in? The transport they've been using for the days between coming home and now? Their own homes? It could go on forever. Where does it stop?

Karen Molloy

I also read that the other schools that have done this have told the students to self quarantine for 14 days and any symptoms to get themselves tested

Natalie Phipps

I am really disappointed I had to find out my child was being sent home from media and friends on fb before I was informed by school. My son rang us to say he was coming home at 11.45 and only informed by parent app from school no other communication

Alice Kinnear

Disgusting...school should close for 2 weeks for everyone as a precaution....be spread all over soon!

Anita Robertson

I still don't know if any children travelling to Italy have been ill or if they have been back at school mixing. Poor lack of communication.

Alice Kinnear

So now, IF any of the kids do have it, they take it home to mummy and daddy and siblings, what do they do? Take 2 weeks off work or go in and potentially pass it to everyone around them.

What was the point in quarantining the first lot of maybe's as a precaution to just let every other case carry on as normal?

Chris Jones

More scare mongering ?

Jordan McCabe

We aren't getting the whole truth via social media. Story of a 17 day old born with the virus has made recovery without medication. I Jo its nothing to do with this post but think its getting kinda scary. Social media says 80% of Britain to get this virus

Susan Wright