Tasty treat butters up school staff in Lancaster village

Forget Postman Pat and his little red van, youngsters at a village school have a new hero - their local breadman.

Wednesday, 20th May 2020, 12:38 pm
Some of the Wilson's Endowed children with their suprise gift

For when Meryvn Thacker rolled into the car park at Wilson's Endowed CE Primary School, his little orange-coloured van contained a surprise thank you to staff for staying open to cater for the children of NHS staff.

It was packed with bread, crumpets and fruited bagels, which headteacher Jo Williams decided to share among the staff and families using the Over Kellet school, near Lancaster.

Jo said the unusual gift was a complete surprise, which came about after a chance remark by her.

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Van driver Mervyn Thacker surprises headteacher Jo Williams with a tasty treat

She said: "Every morning when I look out of my window at home I see the glow of a Warburtons van winding its way through the village taking deliveries to keep our local shop stocked with supplies.

"If I miss it I know I'm running late and one day driving down the motorway to school I was thinking about how reliant we ate on people like the bakers and suppliers so I sent a note a to Warburtons - just to say well done for keeping my village shop stocked up and starting my day off in a nice warm way.

"The next thing I knew, an orange van, not the same one, rolled into the yard and this chap started unloading a mountain of bread and stuff.

He said it was a thank you from Warburtons for all the staff who are helping look after the children of key workers.

"I was stunned. There was absolutely no need.. I felt silly for sending email.

"We had 10 children in that day so we decided to build a wall with the bread... then shared it out so that everyone got a loaf , crumpets or bagels to take home with them.

"!t was such a lovely gesture in these times so we all got a treat.

" We are only a small school but quite a few parents are key workers, either in healthcare, paramedics or the local GP surgery etc .