Starring radio role for young chatterbox Amy

Holy Cross Catholic High School young actress Amy Wright
Holy Cross Catholic High School young actress Amy Wright

Holy Cross Catholic High School student Amy Wright is a radio star – and hopes this is the first step on the road to acting fame.

Visually impaired Year seven pupil Amy is currently appearing on a BBC Cbeebies Radio programme after being selected from a host of other actors.

And Amy, 11 ,says it’s the perfect role for her as she is a ‘chatterbox.’

Her dad Stuart said: “We were approached by a Manchester based charity ‘Henshaws’ which supports visually impaired adults and children across the North of England to ask if we would be interested in auditioning for a BBC Cbeebies Radio programme.

“The producer at the BBC had worked with Henshaws before and approached them to ask if they knew any visually impaired 10-year-olds who might be interested.

“Amy’s name was put forward along with others.

“And, as she has always been interested in drama, goes to lessons with ‘Little Voices’ and is a member of Buckshaw VAMP, she was really keen to give the project a go.”

Amy plays the main character Iesha in the show which is called the ‘iSpy Sound Detective’, she solves mysteries with the help of her pet dog Buster using sound clues.

The programme uses 3D binaural sound technology which enables the listener to hear sounds in 360 degrees when listening to the progamme using headphones.

“I loved it,” said Amy.

“I went to the BBC studios at Media City in Manchester over three days to record 10 episodes of the show which are around 10-15 minutes long.

“I read the scripts in Braille and was also asked to sing the theme tune for the show. It is weird hearing your own voice as it was higher than I thought but I enjoyed it.

“I have been visually impaired since birth, I can see outlines and bright colours but I need Braille to read.

“I love reading so this was a perfect part for me and I hope it can lead onto bigger things. I am a chatterbox as well.”