SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile launches at Eldon Primary School

Active Lancashire came to Active Eldon Primary...

Monday, 8th November 2021, 4:55 am

This year's SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile campaign was launched at Eldon Primary School in Preston last Thursday.

To celebrate Lancashire Day on November 27, Lancashire Sports Games, part of Active Lancashire, are encouraging schools to log a mile of physical activity from November 22-28.

Whether you run, skip, hop, cycle, they want children and school staff to go outdoors and complete a mile of activity in school, as part of the campaign.

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SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile launched at Eldon Primary School.

Members of the public can also get involved and support their chosen school, however instead of completing a mile, they must complete an active journey, replacing a journey they would normally take in a car or motorbike, with an active one.

As a way to celebrate Birmingham 2022 and the Commonwealth Games, the aim of the campaign is to get 11,541 miles logged, enough to reach Wellington, New Zealand, the furthest commonwealth capital from Lancashire.

Miles and active journey’s logged will also be entered into a prize draw to win £250 of sports equipment for your chosen school.

Although the campaign does not start for two more weeks, the launch event was held at Eldon Primary School on November 4, a school which prides itself on its promotion of an active lifestyle.

Eldon Primary School has three staff members in its PE department, and promotes an active lifestyle amongst all its pupils.

Headteacher Azra Butt said: "Eldon was thrilled and delighted to be selected as the school where SPAR Lancashire Schools Games Active Mile 2021 was launched!

"Physical Education, Sports Competition and Games and generally leading healthy life styles have all come a long way at Eldon, so much so they have been instrumental in helping us excel and achieve in all elements of learning across the board.

"As well as our dedicated staff teams, we have a strong team of three Primary PE Teachers, all specialists who help us to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Our children enjoy being physically active for sustained periods of time as well as flourishing in local competitions! Just over the last three weeks I have had three trophies which have been won by our children in football and mini skills. It's not just the winning that is important (of course!), it's ensuring children have the skills for leading active and healthy lifestyles now and for their future well being!"

One of Eldon's PE teachers, Mrs Perry was even awarded ‘The Gill Parry Award for Best Practice in Primary Physical Education!’ by the North Western Counties Physical Education Association last week, in recognition of the work she does in the department.

The Spar Lancashire School Games Active Mile 2021 campaign starts on November 22.

Azra adds that Eldon Primary School has been 'active' for years, with their children enjoying 'Active Travel' by walking to school and 'Active Learning', through taking on additional leadership positions such as Play Leaders, Active Aces and Movement Mentors, whilst families have also joined in with Active Family Fit and Fun sessions too.

To log your school's mile, or your own personal active journey, visit the SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile website, where you can also find more information.

Eldon's Mrs Perry was presented 'The Gill Parry Award for Best Practice in Primary Physical Education!’ by Gareth Williams last week.