School was so like a family that ex pupils send their own children

School has nothing but good memories for Vicki Thornley. In fact, she loved it so much she's never really left.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 1:54 pm
Vicki Thornley's class winning the Cycling Trophy for St Peter's CE Primary School with the first headteacher Mrs Dow and Mr Simpson the sports teacher who is still there. Vicki is second left on the front row

She was one of the first pupils at St Peter’s CE Primary when it opened in Meadowfield, Preston, and returned 25 years later as a parent- and is now a governor.

She says: “I started St Peter’s in the summer term of 1979, as a summer baby you only started the term you were five.

By then I was already familiar with the school, as my older brother had started in the first reception class in January 1976.

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St Peter's CE Primary School ex pupil Vicki Thornely with her brother

“The school was a lot smaller then, but felt huge.

“Mrs Bagwell was my reception teacher and I still have fond memories of playing in the Wendy house at ‘Mum & Dads’ with my friends.

“School life was simple; we changed into our indoor pumps to wear like slippers, as Mrs Dow the headteacher liked her new school to look smart and clean.

Assemblies were always first thing after registration and you walked in, in silence to ‘Morning has broken’.

St Peter's CE Primary School ex pupil Vicki Thornely with her brother

Vicki said she “absolutely loved” her time at St Peter’s and made some life-long friends.

She adds: “School was more like a family and it was that family feel I was hoping was still there, when I went back 25 years later with my own children.

“I was nervous to go back to my childhood school, but from the minute Mrs Peacock welcomed us through the door and Mr Merritt showed us round, the welcome, caring, family feeling was still there and I knew this is where my children would go.

“Adam started in September 2005 followed by Emma in 2009. The school has changed in so many ways, but despite the changes the feel of the school was the same… family.”

Adam is now at high school and Emma will be going this September. They both look at St Peter’s as their home.

Vicki says: “In 2008 I started as a parent helper, reading to the children, helping on theme days, going on school trip etc.

Soon after, I became a parent governor and more recently chairman of governors.

I find this job so rewarding, knowing the changes we make have a massive impact on the children and their learning journey