Preston Primary School pupils step up their battle against climate change

Young eco-warriors at a city primary school are waging war on climate change.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 8:19 am
Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 9:19 am
Eldon Primary School pupils have been showing former pupil Coun Pav Akhtar what they are doing to help save the planet.

The pupil council at Eldon Primary is known for getting its teeth into meaty issues and, after being inspired by Greta Thunberg’s challenge as a climate change activist, youngsters have decided to add their voice of solidarity to this global issue by forming a Climate Crisis Management Committee.

Pupils launched the initiative by inviting local councillors to their first meeting, among them former pupil Pav Akhtar.

Although he left Eldon 30 years ago, Coun Akhtar said he was impressed with pupils’ ideas, adding: “I heard the young people describe their views on climate change, the biggest existential threat our planet faces. I got to share my own anecdotes of going nose to nose with polar bears in the Arctic, and tracing melting glaciers on Mount Everest.”

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Preston Councillor Pav Akhtar gets a grilling from young eco-warriors at Eldon Primary School

He added that Eldon was: “Setting the standard in Lancashire by promoting a whole-school approach to embedding the importance of issues of climate, environment, and sustainability.”

Headteacher Azra Butt said the CCC had already drawn up plans to implement a number of initiatives, from recycling plastic to planting trees.

She added: “We have already drafted a communication to send to Greta congratulating her in her role and for inspiring us.

“In order to share ideas and gather further momentum on the issues, we have made links with another local school council, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, in Rigby Street, and hopefully will try and bring on board other local schools too.

“Our aim is that Eldon, and any schools joining this cause, will make some tangible changes, which will not only reduce our carbon footprint, but will ensure a more sustainable world and brighter future.”