Lancashire A-Level results: Lancaster Royal Grammar

Lancaster Royal Grammar School Sixth Form students were celebrating receiving their A-level results today.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th August 2017, 2:56 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:46 pm

Students achieved A*, A or B grades in over 70% of all exams which they sat and 18% of all exams received the top A* grade.

Headmaster Dr Chris Pyle said, “Well done to every single one of our Sixth Formers on an excellent set of results. These results are the product of high expectations, outstanding teaching and a great deal of hard work.”

“It is particularly impressive that LRGS students achieve such outstanding academic results alongside their enthusiasm for sport, music, drama, outdoor pursuits, charity volunteering and much more besides.”

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“I am delighted to be able to congratulate them as they go on to further study on a wide range of highly competitive courses or to high-quality apprenticeships across the UK and beyond.”

Sarah Haigh, Head of Sixth Form said: “The Sixth Form team is absolutely delighted to note that the boys’ hard work and determination have been rewarded with these excellent results. We wish them every success and happiness on the next step of their journey, whether that be at university, on an apprenticeship or on a Gap Year.”


Five passes

Z J Harper.

Four passes

T D Atherton, S J Atkinson, J Aung, Z M Baguneid, N R Beamer, C S Bradshaw, D J Brown, A Chakravarty, L Cheetham, L J Davies, R S de Vries, J G Eastham, S J Farey, J H Fenna, H A Hassan, C Ho, A Kamath, B K Kwok, W Lee, A Long, E A Magee, S A McGowan, S F Milligan, S Nardeosingh, M J Nutter, O O Olawore, M J Padfield, C J Peters, J Pritchard, J J Schofield, M W Screen, W P Sewell, C T Southgate, J A Sykes Macleod, C J Tetlow, P Thanikachalam, P Tse, M A Walsh, J S Yu.

Three passes

D Ackroyd, B T Adams, J D Banks, M C Bargh, A D Beeching, J M Bennett, G J Bowles, O G Burrell, J L Canty, J Chan, J J Chapman, H Chiu, Y Chow, J S Crabtree, J A Cressey, A M Crooks, E D Cross, W Ellison, B J Fairclough, W S Ferdinand, J E Fidler, H W Finan, A D Fletcher-Hodgson, W C Fraser-Gray, T I Fyfe, S P Gallagher, J J Gavaghan, Z Gilbert, E F Gilliat, E J Greenwood, A W Grunshaw, C D Hall, T H Halsall, J Hampsey-Cook, I Haq, L D Harwood, O R Helme, T H Howson, A C Hughes, B D Hynes, G G Ibbetson, M P Jones, J M King-Cox, A S Kumar, H J Mackie, B T Maguire, G T Maloney, R D Mason, A J McKay, A J McLauchlan, L J Milner, C S Moody, D J Morgan, B R Nuttall, O Oniwinde, C T Owen, H W Page, C J Parkin, C J Parkinson, H D Potter, L J Quirke, J E Rayson, D D Rillie, J A Roberts, C J Robinson-Brooks, A W Rose, H T Rowlands, C J Rowley, G Salter, A Seth, N E Shore, J I Shoroye, N J Slack, J J Smith, E P Sperring, T J Squire, J H Steele, F A Stone, S P Stott, J T Taylor, J Taylor, J D Thomas, A J Thompson, D E Thompson, T S Turner, A Vadva, J M Walker, M T Walker, R Watkins-New, K Weston, J R Wheatley, J Wilkinson, J Yang.

Two passes

L J Atkinson, J W Bradfield, J A McClements, R J McHugh, T M Woodcock, H P Young.