Lancashire A-Level results: Lancaster Girls' Grammar School

The girls from Lancaster's grammar school are on top form after notching up an impressive set of A Levels.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th August 2017, 1:34 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:46 pm
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School students getting their A-level results: Ella Scallan, Lauren Parry, Charlotte Hudson, Caitlin Johnstone, Emma Cutting and Abi Plowman
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School students getting their A-level results: Ella Scallan, Lauren Parry, Charlotte Hudson, Caitlin Johnstone, Emma Cutting and Abi Plowman

Headteacher Jackie Cahalin applauded the Year 13 students for their excellent A level results.

She said: “It is very pleasing to see their hard work being rewarded at this time of change in the A level exam system.

Mrs Cahalin added: “ The A level reforms have meant that in the majority of subjects students sat all their exams at the end of the two year course, which has been more demanding than previously.

However, she said the girls had risen to the challenge and the number of A* to B grades at LGGS has increased on last year to 72.5 per cent.

The headteacher said she was extremely proud of all the students who had worked hard to achieve their best.

She added: “Whilst celebrating the achievements of all our students, there were a number of exceptional results this year, Florence Goodrich and Stephi Stacey both gained A* grades in four A levels whilst Jasmine Baines, Emma Cutting, Ellie Kerr, Jess Lane, Gemma Mitchell and Megan Thornley gained at least three A* grades, an incredible achievement.”

Mrs Cahalin said: We wish all our students well as they prepare for their next stage, whether that be university, apprenticeships or employment.

Staff will be back at the Regent Street city centre high school next week when they are expecting to be celebrating another round of successes - this time with last year’s year 11 pupils when they collect their long-awaited GCSE results.


Five Passes

C Bailey, A Liu

Four Passes

O Cottam, A Gibson, F Goodrich, C Jackson, R Parkinson, S Stacey, M Thornley, L Vost, J Yeaman-Smith

Three Passes

M Acutt, N Ali, J Baines, L Bamber, M Barker, S Bennett- Shaw, C Brooke, E Brown, V Burge, N Burkhart, N Campion, E Cannon, G Cartledge, E Caudrelier, T Chapman, S Chauhan, A Clapp, S Connor, A Cookson, R Coombs, K Copping, A Cross, I Cross, N Cujkevic-Plecko, E Cutting, J Devany, R Dixon, S Dixon, E Dodd, I Douglas-Jones, H Drummond, A Edmondson, I Evamy, Y Evans, E Findlay, J Freeman, J Freudmann, R Frost, K Gardner, C Gartside, A Glass, L Godden, C Gornall, E Gosling, F Granger, E Gresty, N Haddington, E Haggin, S Hall, H Hamilton, M Hanif, T Haq, M Harrison, S Hastings, E Henning, E Heywood, C Hicks, E Hodkinson, N Holmes-Shaw, M Holton, A Horrobin, L Hough, C Hudson, M Hughes, Melissa Hughes, L Ibison, Z Imran, I Islam, M Jenkins, M Jiagbogu, C Johnson, L Johnston, C Johnstone, C Jones, L Keelan, E Kemmish , E Kerr , I Khan , A Klein , E Knowles, A Kochhar, I Lane, J Lane, N Lutaaya, J MacDonald, A Mackay-Fowler, J Macluskie, D Manson, C McGrillen, A Mead, M Midgley-Bryan, V Mills, G Mitchell, R Morse, E Ness, A Ockenden, M Parker, L Parry, T Peacock, L Peers, K Philpott, A Plowman, M Pyne, C Ramsay, G Readman, G Rigby, A Robinson, M Rose, C Rurlander, E Scallan, L Sealy, C Senior, M Shanmuganathan, A Shepherd, F Shirras, B Shooter, A Shore, N Spotswood, E Stammers, N Stanton, H Strahan, J Sullivan, C Tagg, M Tate, C Thackrah, A Thompson, N Thornton, I Tidsmarsh, J Todhunter, M Triviais, K Tuer, R Wakefield, H Walling, L Watson, M Whitaker, I Wilkinson, M Wilkinson, K Williams, J Willshaw, L Wimborne, L Woods, S Woolley

Two Passes

A Williams, M Walmsley

One Pass

I Cawley