Lancashire A-Level results: Cardinal Newman College

There were big celebrations going on at Cardinal Newman College as A Level results were unveiled.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th August 2017, 1:25 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:00 pm

The league topping sixth form college has recorded not only a 100 per cent A Level pass rate, but also an impressive 73 per cent of students achieving high grades (A*-B) with one in three students achieving either an A* or A grade at A Level.

But it is not just the A Level students who are celebrating! The College’s BTEC students have also done fantastically well, with 100% pass rate and 100% high grades in 25 Level 3 BTEC courses, which means that they not only passed, but passed with flying colours!

But the success doesn’t stop there.

Each year a number of the college’s students go on to secure places at the most highly sought after and competitive universities in the country, including Oxford and Cambridge.

This year 11 students successfully gained places at the prestigious institutions, with eight at Cambridge and three at Oxford.

This is atributed partly, to the college’s HE* programme, which is run in conjunction with Cambridge University’s HE+ scheme.

As the Cambridge university hub for Lancashire, Cardinal Newman students are at the front of the queue when it comes to receiving the best advice, guidance, support and preparation when applying to not just Oxbridge but also to other Russell Group universities.

Which, along with the hard work and dedication of the students, is one of the reasons why the success rates for students gaining places at these institutions is so high. College principal, Nick Burnham said: “Each year I am blown away by the results achieved by our students.

“It is the combination of hard work, determination and dedication from not only the students themselves, but also our fantastic staff, who always go the extra mile to support our diverse range of students. Congratulations to one and all, you really do deserve to celebrate your fantastic achievements.”


Four Passes

F Ahmed, D Ahmed, K Bowman, M Bradshaw, C Bullen, K Burke, M Chinnam, M Clarkson, M Conroy-Oakes, G Culpan, P Einarsson Nielsen, M Goonan, P Gunson, L Halpin, S Hindle, I Hoggard, C Hughes, E Hutchinson, M Ingham, A Ismail, H Kawa, J Keen, S Khatri, K Kluszewska, A Law, T Limbachia, C MacDougall, H Manman, G Maudsley, B Patel, S Patel, B Pennance, M Richardson, C Robinson, I Singh, C Smith, K Stevenson, N Stone, O Stupart, C Theckston, J Tulloch, J Westhead, B White, A Willan,

Three Passes

H Abbas, G Abbott, M Abram, M Adam, M Adam, A Adam, Z Adam, I Adam, M Adam, F Adam, M Adamczewski, C Agbenu, J Agbenu, U Ahmed, F Ahmed, Z Ahmed, J Ahmed, A Ahmed, E Ainscough, O Ainsworth, G Ainsworth, R Airey, R Airey, M Akram, C Alcock, L Aldersley, L Aldred, C Aldridge, E Alexander, S Ali, S Ali, A Ali, A Ali, R Ali , M Ali, G Allen, M Allitt, T Alston, S Altham, J Anand, A Andonioy, K Andrew, M Andrew, N Andrew, R Andrews, D Anforth, M Ansari, D Antcliffe, N Anwar, L Appleton, H Aqeel Abrar , A Araf, N Arguello, S Ashrafi, H Ashton, J Ashton, S Ashworth, A Ashworth, H Aslam, L Aspden, R Aspden, R Aspin, P Aspinall, L Aspinall, A Atchia, L Atkinson, D Atkinson, A Atkinson, G Attle, J Austin, K Babiarz, D Baca, S Badat, K Baguley, A Bahra, M Baig, P Bains, C Baker, O Baldwin, A Bamber, C Bamber, L Bamford, O Band, N Bapu, E Barbarewicz, W Barber, S Bargit, A Barker, L Barker, L Barlow, J Barlow, T Barnes, C Barnes, S Baron, A Barton, D Barugh, A Batan, Z Batan, S Batty, M Bawla, A Bax, C Baxendale, P Bayliss, A Beamer, K Beavers, S Beck, J Beck, H Beckett, C Beddow, C Beetham, M Beg, N Beg, N Begum, R Begum, S Beline, R Belshaw, A Belshaw, M Belshaw , C Bennett, A Bennett, M Bennett, D Benny, C Bentley, K Best, H Bhailok, S Bhailok , S Bhana, S Bhata, E Billington, K Billington, E Bilsborrow, I Binnion, D Birch, W Birchall, S Bird, A Bisby, R Bishop, E Blackledge, B Blakeley, C Bleeks-Parkinson, F Bobb, H Bodle, C Bogin , A Bogumil, Z Bokhari, I Bolton, L Bolton, O Bond, S Bond, P Boniek, J Bonnick, J Both, J Boyd, C Boyle, A Boyle, N Boyne, E Bradley, S Bradley, E Braithwaite, J Bretherton, L Bridges, M Brindle, S Briscoe, E Briscoe, M Brock, L Bromley, L Bromley, E Brooks, D Browell, R Brown, J Brown, R Brown, L Brown, J Brown, E Brown, B Brown, E Brown, O Brown, C Brown, S Brown, E Bruce, G Bryan, H Bryans, J Bryce, P Brzozowski, L Buck, M Buck, G Buckley, O Bullock, A Bullock, J Bunning, H Burgess, J Burgess, D Burley, K Burney, A Burns, M Bury, K Butcher, L Butler, D Butler, H Bux, J Cairns, S Calderbank, E Calderbank, R Callaghan, G Callagher, H Campbell, E Campbell, E Canham, A Carless, A Carr, L Carr, S Carrel, A Carruthers, L Carter, J Cartwright, S Caton, A Caunce, G Chadwick, C Chadwick, N Chambers, B Chambers, E Champion, C Chapman, M Chapman, E Charnley, S Chatterton, J Chippendale, P Chirongoma, R Clack, R Clamor, G Clancy, A Clark, S Clarke, T Clarke, L Clarke, L Clarke, E Clarke, A Clarkson, J Clayton, E Clayton, E Cleasby, T Clifton, B Clish, B Clitheroe , E Codarin, A Collins, C Concannon, J Conlin, E Conlon, E Conlon, C Connors, E Conroy-Oakes, J Conway, J Coogan, H Cookson, S Cooper, I Costain, W Costello, A Cottam, L Cottam, N Coulter, X Coupe, I Coward, S Crabtree, E Cragg, S Cripps, A Croasdale, M Croly, M Cross, H Cryer, E Cullen, A Culshaw, E Cuthbert, M Dad, M Dal, B Daley, H Dalgleish, L Dalton, M Dalton, E Daly, G Daniels, H Dar, H Darbar, A Darsot, M Davidson, J Davies, R Davies, E Davies, W Davies, B Davies, K Deane, T Dearden, A Dedat, J Deeley, L Delve, C Dennis, R Denton, M Desai, H Desai, A Desai, M Desai, B Desoer, A Devenney, S Devey, A Dhorat, R Didsbury, A Dingle, E Ditchfield, J Dixon, L Dixon, G Dixon, B Dixon, J Dobbins, L Dobel, N Docherty, N Dolan, R Donkor, T Donoughue-Smith, E Doran, E Dottridge, S Douglass-Collins, J Doyle, K Draper, A Draper, O Drew, L Duffy, O Duffy, C Dugdale, M Dugdale, A Dukanwala, H Dunham, S Dunn, A Durkin, C Durkin, B Duxbury, C Dwyer, A Dwyer, R Eadie, H Eccles, R Eccles, B Eccles, M Eccles, B Eccleston, L Eckersley, H Eckton, L Edmondson, N Edward, P Edwards, C Egan, E Eglin, F Ehsan, E Elegbede, C Elliott, M Elliott, H Ellwood, L Emmence, N England, H Enright, G Evans, K Evans, C Evans, O Evans, L Evans, A Eyres, G Fairley, J Farley, E Farnworth, J Farrow, E Feely, A Fell, S Fellows, S Fenton, F Fernandes, H Fernie Clarke, R Finley, O Finn, E Fisher, A Fisher, L Fisher, I Fitzpatrick, M Flanagan, I Flannery, M Fleming, A Fletcher, L Flore, D Fogg, L Ford, S Ford, A Forde, B Forden, A Fowler, K Fox, E Fox, C Fox, W Fraczek, N Francis, T Franklin, E Fraser, L Fryer, E Gaffing, K Gallacher, L Gardner, L Gardner, R Garner, K Garth, G Gasztowicz, S Gault, S Giash, G Gili-Ross, J Gill, K Gillies, L Gilyead, J Glancy, D Glover, E Glover, N Godsiff, C Goodfellow, J Goodwin, K Goring, L Gornall, S Gornall, O Gornall, L Gorse, D Gosciewicz, A Gosling, M Goulding, C Graham, F Graham, L Grant, A Grassham, M Gray, R Grayston, M Greaves, E Green, B Green, C Green, D Greenwood, E Greenwood, H Greenwood , A Gregson, C Gregson, R Gregson, J Griffiths, C Grilli , M Grime, T Grimshaw, O Grindrod, A Grundy, G Gunn, H Gurjee, R Hadley, S Hadley-Johnson, M Hafeji, T Hajdukiewicz, I Hall, M Hall, T Hall, J Halliwell, R Halliwell, L Halstead, H Hamidi, N Hamilton, S Hamilton, P Hamilton, K Hampson, D Hampson, G Hamriding, J Hancock, E Hanson, C Hardman, J Hardman, M Hargreaves, C Hargreaves , V Harper, S Harper, N Harrison, E Harrison, E Harrison, N Harwood, L Harwood, L Haslam, P Hawarden, L Hawkes, T Hawkins, P Hayton, F Haziri, E Heap, R Heaton, W Helme, R Helme, B Helme, T Hemingway, D Hemingway, M Henderson, E Henry, L Heptinstall, N Heron, R Heron, N Hewertson, T Heywood, B Hibbert, H Hickey, C Hickford Martinez, O Higgins, H Hiles, J Hill, P Hill, J Hill, S Hindle, C Hitchen, S Hobson, S Hobson, J Hodgson, G Hodgson, M Holden, O Holden, S Holden, T Holmes, J Holmes, I Holmes, A Holroyd, G Holt, C Holyoak, M Hood, J Hooson, M Hopcroft, M Hopkins, J Hosker, L Houghton, J Houghton, J Houston, J Howarth, T Howe, M Howell, L Huggon, J Hull, J Hulme, E Hunt, E Hunter, L Hurst, V Husejko, A Hussain, M Hussain, A Hussain, Z Hussain, U Hussain, F Hussain, R Hussain, A Hussain, E Hussey, I Hutton, J Hyde, M Ibbott, M Ibrahim, U Ibrahim, B Ibrahim, T Ikin, M Illingworth, A Imade, E Ince, S Ingar, T Inman, A Islam, N Islam, A Ismail, J Ismail, Z Jabbar, H Jackson, A Jahangir, F Janab, R Jasani , O Javed, D Jenkins, N Jenkinson, B Jenks, C Jervis, C Jing, A Jiwa, R Johnrose, N Johnson, D Johnson, S Johnson, O Jones, K Jones, J Jones, B Jones, R Jordan, R Joyce, J Jurin, A Kamal, J Kamran, Y Karmadia, G Kasabova, S Kaur, F Kazee, S Kazi, P Kazusek, J Keighley, A Kellett, K Kellett, J Kelly, E Kelly, M Kemp, C Kenna-Allison, N Kerr, E Kershaw, P Kett, N Ketteridge, R Key, I Khalifa, H Khan, A Khan, H Khan, S Khan, D Khan, H Khan, A Kiernan, K Kieronski, A Kieszkowski, C King, C Kirkham, M Kirkham, E Kirkman, J Knott, K Knowles, N Korenik, H Kothia, M LaBrie, J Lacey, E Lake, A Lalji, I Lambat, C Lambert, P Lambert, S Lamoury, A Lane, A Lang, D Langton, C Lauder, H Lavin, S Law, D Law, T Lawrenson, H Lawrenson, H Lawson, A Lawton, S Leach, G Leach, A Leach, R Leah, H Leatham, L Lee, P Lether, R Lewis, S Lewis, D Lewis, L Lewis, D Leyland, A Lhari, C Liddle, J Lightbody, C Ligo, K Limbada, N Lodkowska, R Long, A Lonsdale, O Lowcock, L Lowe, C Lowrie, M Lulat, A Lulat, L Lyons, E Lyttle, J Macaraeg, J Macaulay, G Macgregor, I Mackenzie, S MacPhee, J Maddox, J Maddox , G Madera, M Mahetar, A Mahmood, M Majoo, A Makda, S Mall, A Manning, J Mansoor, G Maple, C Marshall, R Marshall, M Marshall, M Martin, G Martin, A Martindale, K Martin-Dixon, S Mason, A Mason, I Mason, M Master, N Master, Z Master, N Matak, H Matheson, A Mathew, A Mathison, Z Mathiya, E Matthews, J Mattinson, S Maudsley, B Mawdesley, H Mawdsley, M Mawdsley , J May, D Mayor, C McBride, C McCann, H McCann, C Mccarthy, A Mccarville Bradford, C McCulloch, A McDermott, E Mcdonagh, A McDonald, C McDonald-Romero, J McDougall, S McGinlay , E McGowan, R McIlwain, J Mckay, I Mckiernan, S McLeod, J McMahon, J McWhinnie, J Mead, I Medley, S Member, A Member, J Menzies, O Mercer, A Middlehurst, J Middleton, S Migas, A Miller, V Miller, B Millington, A Mills, E Mills, K Milner, S Mingay, U Mir, S Mitchell, G Moggridge, Y Mogra, O Molloy, C Molyneux, J Molyneux, E Monk, E Monks, W Moorby, G Moore, J Moorhouse, J Moosa, L Morgan, E Morgan, W Morris, I Morris, E Morris, P Morris, D Morris, H Morris, H Moseley-Schofield, K Moss, O Mounsey, S Mulla, J Mulla, M Mullah, A Mulligan, J Munshi, H Munshi, A Murad, M Murphy, S Murray, A Murray, J Murray-Reynolds, E Murry, A Musa, H Musa, S Musa, B Myerscough, G Nabozna, B Nakhuda, M Namazi, A Nawaz, T Nayler, A Neemaru-Ananjeva, B Neild, E Nel, T Nelson, B Neve, Z Neville, D Newsham, T Nichols, A Nicholson, C Nightingale, G Nisbet, K Noble, E Noble, A Noblet, A O’Brien, G O’Brien, H O’Brien, G O’Carolan, R O’Connell, F O’Connor, K O’Donnell, R O’Donohoe, E Ogden, C Ogden, H Omar, A Omer, H Omer, G Ong, X Ong, M Ordonez, P Orosun, P O’Rourke, R Ostrowski, O O’Toole, R Owen, B Owen, M Paige, M Palmer, S Parak, J Parekh, P Parekh, M Parekh, D Parekh, D Parker-Smith, E Parkin, O Parkinson, A Parkinson, A Parry, E Parry, D Paszti, A Patel, M Patel, A Patel, R Patel, V Patel, H Patel, A Patel, H Patel, M Patel, S Patel, A Patel, R Patel, H Patel, M Patel, A Patel, S Patel, Z Patel, B Patel, P Patel, N Patel, A Patel, S Patel, R Patel, I Patel, R Patel, H Patel, Z Patel, S Patel, H Patel, H Patel, Y Patel, M Patel, I Patel, A Patel , M Patel , Z Patel , K Paternoster, L Patterson, J Pavone-McMahon, J Pearce, G Pearson, F Pearson, J Peet, O Pennington, A Pennington, A Pennington, S Perry, M Peters, J Philipson, C Pickerill, G Pickering, G Pickervance, E Pickup, S Pilbrough, O Pitt, E Place, S Platt, U Polli, S Polli, Z Polli, S Pomfret, N Poole, N Porter, M Porter, C Porter, V Porter, O Portlock, G Powell, R Pownall, J Preston, E Preston, W Priest, G Priestley, B Prince, J Procter, A Proctor, R Proctor, W Pun, A Punekar, L Purnell-Cox, B Purvor, A Quarmby, A Quigley, B Quinn, C Quinn, S Qurashi, A Rae, C Rafferty-Cooper, S Rainey, A Raja, C Ramsay, H Ramsbottom, O Ramsden, I Rana, S Raven, G Raynor, D Rayton, I Rayworth, R Reddy, S Reedy, Z Rehman, T Rehman, S Reid, C Reilly, M Rhodes, M Rhodes, C Rich, H Richards, L Richardson, L Richardson, O Richmond, L Ridehalgh, C Riding, J Rigby, H Rigby, J Riley, M Rimmer, C Rimmer, E Ritson, A Rivas, H Rizvi , D Roach, P Roach, H Roberts, N Robertson, M Robertson, E Robinson, J Robinson, O Robinson, R Robinson, J Robinson, J Robinson, A Robinson, K Robson, M Roe, K Roeves, R Rogers, S Rogerson, W Rogerson, S Rokad, M Roker, I Rollinson, A Roman, C Ross, S Ruaux, J Ruffley, C Rufus, I Rushton, S Russell, L Ryan, S Ryding, K Saddique, L Saeed, A Saganowska, F Sagar, M Saiyed, H Sale, N Saleem, D Salthouse, I Sanders, E Sanders, J Sanderson, E Sandham, Y Sanibal, J Sant, G Sant, E Sargent, J Sarkanaite, J Savage, C Schulz, S Scott, J Scott, C Scott, J Scowcroft, J Scurfield, J Seaman, E Sedgwick, C Seed, E Seed, A Seedat, L Sellers, C Sellers, D Senior, M Sevens, H Shaikh, S Shamsuddin, L Sharpe, M Sharrock, T Sheikh, E Shepherd, N Shepherd, J Shepherd, R Sherrington, A Shorrock, C Simon, A Simpkins, S Simpson, K Simpson, J Simpson, N Singh, S Singh, K Singh, B Singleton, O Singo, N Sittapong, S Skilbeck, A Slaney, S Slater, Z Slater, E Slater, O Sleight, E Slorick, T Small, A Smirnovs, J Smith, C Smith, K Smith, C Smith, R Smith, S Smith, C Smith, A Smith, F Smith, R Smith, K Smith, B Smith, J Somers Amin, S Sood, C Southworth, J Spicer, A Sproston, K St.John-Morne, M Steele, L Stefani, A Stephan, F Stephen, A Stevens, R Stewart-Jones, H Still, R Stirzaker, T Stott, C Strickland, W Stuart-Walker, J Sudell, S Sugden, I Sulaman, E Sullivan, C Sumner, C Sumner, I Sutcliffe, G Sutton, J Swannack , K Szczech, A Szleszynski, A Tailor, E Talbot, A Tanveer, I Tate, O Tattersall, J Taylor, C Taylor, O Taylor, E Taylor, G Taylor, J Taylor, Z Taylor, C Tedford-Jones, B Tempest, A Thomas, G Thomas, I Thompson, E Thompson, R Thompson, I Thompson, S Thompson, K Thompson, G Thorne, G Thornton, E Thornton, A Tolentino, S Tomaszewicz, E Tomlin, A Tomlinson, L Tomlinson, J Tonge, T Tonner, Z Toorawa, A Topham, N Topping, M Towers, I Towers, C Townsend, S Tucker, N Turner, J Turner, B Turner-Wright, G Tuson, D Twist, R Tyrer, A Ugradar, A Umar, J Utley, Y Vahed, K Vaja, L Valentine, A Vali, I Vango, S Vasanthakumar, M Vaughan, E Veneziale, A Verdonkschot, N Vlachopoulos, O Vose, T Vosper, N Wahdati, F Wahid, M Wahid, W Wakefield, R Walbank, B Walder, C Walker, M Walker, J Walker, I Walker, G Walker, R Walker, J Walker, G Wallbank, A Wallman, J Walmsley, M Walmsley, A Walsh, M Walsh, E Walsh, S Walsh, J Wane, B Ward, B Wareing, T Warnakulasuriya Fernando, J Watson, E Watters, E Webb, F Webster, L Webster, S Weir, L Wells, B Welsh, L Westall, G Westwood, C Whalley, T Wharton , S Whitby, H Whitehead, K Whitehead, F Whitelegge, L Whiteside, E Whiteside, A Whiteside, B Whitford, Z Whitford-Bartle, K Whittaker, C Wiggall, M Wignall, N Wilcox-Lindsey, G Wilde, A Wilkie, S Wilkinson, L Wilkinson, K Wilkinson, C Wilkinson, N Wilkinson, E Wilkinson, D Williams, D Williams, C Williams, L Williams, H Williams, B Wilson, L Wilson, L Wilson, A Wilson, J Wilson, K Wilson, M Wilson, M Wilson, B Winstanley, K Winstanley, L Winter, A Winward, H Wiseman, C Wishart, S Wishart, B Wolfenden, A Woodall-Allcock, L Woodland, B Woods, A Woodward, H Worsley, L Worswick, M Wright, K Wright, E Wright, H Wright, T Wu, R Wyatt, C Xie, S Yates, J Yates, D Young, A Young, I Zahid, D Ziogelyte, S Zubair,

Two Passes

S Ahmed, S Ashley, T Baldwin, W Barton, N Bashir, K Bennett, N Bhatia, C Birnbaum, A Bishop-Harrison, R Blackledge, J Blackwell, A Cairns, J Carter, C Clark, K Cooper, O Cox, K Davies, A Dineen, G Elmitt, J Haworth, B Ho, C Hoyle, J Hudson, L Hughes, S Hughes, S Jan, A Jenkins, R Jones, Z Kay Negrin, M Kerrane, M Khan, H Lightowler, R Lomax, A Malik, J McAllister, L Mirfakhraei, R Molyneux, I Morgan, H Musa, J O’Malley, L Pendlebury, W Porter, L Richards, J Riley, L Shakeshaft, L Sharples, A Sidat, A Sorah, L Squires, J Threlfall, N Watters, L Whitehead, T Windsor, L Woodburn, J Yeadon, K Zawistowski,

One Pass

K Bamber, K Etheridge, D Hughes, T Logan, N Shafaq, A Stringer, I Threlfall, J Wolfenden,