"It's pretty simple, don't break the rules and you won't be punished." - Your reactions after Leyland schoolgirl excluded after having her eyebrows tinted.

A debate has ensued online after a schoolgirl from Leyland was placed into isolation for having her eyebrows tinted.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 9:27 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 10:27 am
Top left, Aimee's eyebrows, bottom left, Worden Academy, right, Aimee and mum Kerry before the eyebrow tints

14 year-old Aimee Hale, from Moss Side, was excluded from school activities at Worden Academy on Monday after school bosses deemed the look "inappropriate."

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Leyland schoolgirl placed in isolation after having eyebrows tinted - so mum rem...

Mum Kerry, 44, was left "fuming" after learning of the punishment and has since removed her daughter from school in protest.

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Kerry said: “She’s such a quiet, shy girl and she’s never been in any trouble at school before.

“She’s absolutely devastated at what’s happened. I could understand it if she had died her eyebrows pink or something, but they are just a little bit darker than usual.”

“Aimee’s natural eyebrows are a pure white and she is very self-conscious about them.

“The eyebrow tinting has given her a real confidence boost and it has really helped with her self-esteem."

Here are just some of the reactions to the story:

"Can we stop stupidity in schools."Paul Adams

"It's pretty simple, don't break the rules and you won't be punished."

"Teachers have a hard enough time as it is, the last thing they need is stuck up parents undermining their authority because their precious child is upset they can't get away with doing whatever they like."Johnny Knight

"School are going power mad just get on with teaching kids for fk sake dose it matter wot colour hair or face or anything else is."Trish Kellettscott

"Wouldn't it be great if our kids were allowed to express their individuality, schools should only be allowed to dictate the uniform not the wearer of it.Jon Russ

"If there are rules it’s simple! Abide by them and we don’t need to have these stupid stories."These people aren’t victims they have gone against school rules and have been punished for it, it’s teaching them a valuable lesson on respect and doing as one is told, the parents arguing against these rules are adding petrol to the fire and teaching their children to disrespect rules and their peers, shame on you!"Chris Jackson

"Problem being self entitled parents who think they and their precious are above rules."I work in an office that has standards of dress, I follow the rules, get paid, end of problem."Al Westam

"Poor girl had been bullied as a result of her eyebrows being white, she's tinted them a natural colour, surely we should be promoting a child's self confidence not demoting it, I used concealer for my bad acne at school a male PE teacher forced me to scrub my face with a nail brush to remove it, was that right?"Marie Dixon

"So kids can’t express themselves - and get put in isolation as punishment! "I’m all for rules - and uniform, but some of these schools are like institutions ‍?? "Want to control all aspects of a child’s life and what they can/can’t do! "What does tinted eyebrows have to do with learning ability? "Maybe the rules schools put in place for kids, should also be followed by the teachers and staff?"Kelly Reeves

"The worlds gone mad!!!"They look natural unlike some girls eyebrows and they get away with it. "Also pile make up on for school and no one says anything."Wouldn't of been able to do any of this when i was at school lol"Nicola Franks

"Surely education should be top priority!!!"Kath Parkinson

"Rules. Children eventually become working adults and they need to learn about following rules in the workplace and life in general."Charlotte Thomas