Hutton Church of England Grammar School “defined by ambition, kindness and respect” according to latest Ofsted

A secondary school in Lancashire has been described as being “defined by ambition, kindness and respect” in its latest Ofsted report, released today.

Hutton Church of England Grammar School was inspected between May 10 - 11, and successfully maintained its ‘good’ classification from a previous 2017 inspection.

Following Ofsted’s latest visit, the all boys day school and co-educational Sixth Form was particularly praised for its enjoyable school life, in which pupils could “make friends easily”, feel “safe”, and “comfortable being themselves.”

Inspectors noted that whilst there were “few concerns about harmful behaviour or bullying”, any concerns were reported by pupils and resolved quickly.

Headteacher Mark Bradshaw, Senior Assistant Headteacher Matthew Livingstone and pupils at Hutton Grammar School celebrate the Ofsted result

The report also said that leaders have high expectations of student beheaviour and achievements, with all pupils, including SEND, and paricularly sixth form, meeting those ambitions.

Meanwhile, the curriculum was described as being well organised and ambitious, with appropriate adjustments made to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

The report added: “Teachers across the school have strong subject knowledge. They deliver the subject curriculums well. They are clear about what secure knowledge looks and sounds like in pupils’ work. Teachers expect and help all pupils, including those with SEND, to secure this important knowledge. They check for and address any misconceptions or shortfalls in pupils’ and students’ knowledge quickly.”

The school’s breadth of extra-curricular activities, and its “strong” personal development curriculum was also praised, as was its safegaurding arrangements and support for SEND pupils.

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Whilst leaders were commended for identifying and supporting pupils who find reading more difficult, Hutton was however pulled up on inconsistent literacy skills and learning across the schools.

Inspectors said: “Some pupils do not read ambitious texts as regularly as others. These pupils missbuilding their reading expertise and deepening the academic knowledge and cultural capital that would enrich their learning and lives. Leaders need to ensure that a rich reading curriculum is provided consistently well across the school.”

In a joint letter to parents, headteacher Mark Bradshaw and Chair of Governers Mrs Tipping said: "When reading the report I am sure you will be delighted with the very positive picture it paints, indicating that we continue to be judged as ‘Good’ in all aspects of school life.

“There are also areas, as is the case with any Inspection, which have been identified where the school can make further improvements; rest assured that these are already being addressed, as noted on a number of occasions within the report. As a school we are always seeking to improve and will always strive to provide the best possible education, both within and outside of the classroom, for all of those within our care.

The letter concluded: “The report recognises and celebrates that we are a successful school, which utilises its Christian ethos to support and develop all students, irrespective of their ability and need; this does not happen without the continued support of yourselves and the wider community and we continue to be appreciative of and thankful for this.”