Halle calling for talented young flautist

Schoolgirl Brioni Crowe is scaling new heights with her talent.

Flautist Brioni Crowe has been invited to join the Halle Orchestra
Flautist Brioni Crowe has been invited to join the Halle Orchestra

The 13-year-old mini musical maestro has been offered a place with the internationally acclaimed Halle Orchestra.

Brioni, a pupil at Kirkham Grammar School, joined the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) when she was only 10.

It is just down the road from the Bridgewater Hall, and her goal was to one day get a place with the orchestra based there.

The teenager trains at the NCM every week and after landing an audition with The Halle, she was told not to get her hopes up and expect too much because she was so young.

Mum Rebekah said: “The advice was that she was very young and not to get her hopes up, take the audition as a experience and learn from it.”

Brioni went ahead ready to have a new experience that would maybe help her in the future.

Her mum added: “Then many weeks later, we received an invite for her to join lead woodwind of the Halle for the 2016/2017 

“She is the youngest there but she isn’t bothered about that at all.

“This means every week she will train with them and perform at the Bridgewater for the concerts, and subject to her performance she is hoping to stay with them for years to come”

Brioni, from Wharles, near Kirkham, added: “I am so happy to have been offered a place in the Halle.

“ I am going to train hard to pursue my dream of becoming a professional musician with the orchestra I have always longed to be in.

“I get to work with some fantastic musicians, especially Jonathon Heyward, which is awesome.

“ I have to work hard and put a lot of hours in practicing but when it’s something you love to do, it is not work really.”

In 2014 Brioni, who started playing music when she only three years old, was given a place in the National Wind Sinfonia of Great Britain and went on to play at The Proms in London last summer, where she was the youngest playing member at the event.

The musical maestro was also accepted into the National Children’s Orchestra, in the lead wind instrument position of the Under -12s section.