Croston parents are up in arms after school sends letter saying lockdown kids are not working hard enough

Furious parents of pupils at a leading high school are up in arms after being told they are not doing a good enough job of homeschooling.

Thursday, 16th July 2020, 2:16 pm
Some pupils at Bishop Rawstorne Academy have been told they are not working hard enough at home

Letters sent to parents of pupils at Bishop Rawstorne High in Croston say their children have not been working hard enough during lockdown and have fallen below the school's standards.

And, they warn that once school restarts next term, staff won't have time to help them get back up to scratch.

The letter , believed to have been sent to scores of parents, is signed by headteacher Paul Cowley and states: " Your child has fallen behind considerably in their learning since March, not engaging in the completion of set tasks over time and not participating in live learning lessons. "

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Bishop Rawstorne CE Academy in Croston

It goes on: "Whatever you might have heard from third parties regarding schoolwork during lockdown, I can tell you clearly that your child is in the minority in terms of their inability to engage. As good levels of engagement

have occurred through all year groups, with all levels of ability, this lack of engagement cannot be blamed

on the system or a difficult situation but is firmly seated in your child’s inability to do what they have been

asked to do."

Parents of pupils at Bishop Rawstorne CE Academy have been told by letter their pupils are not up to scratch with their home schooling

Mr Cowley says: " I am not asking your child to do anything difficult here, just to re-engage with learning and to do their best as that has not been the case so far.

When we get back, things are going to be different for the foreseeable future. The way our staff and

students work, interact and go about their days will be challenging and it is totally unfair of your child to

add extra demands at a time when school life is already going to be incredibly complicated for many


"Therefore, we ask that your child recognises the part they must play in supporting not only

themselves but the wider school community. We cannot and will not allow your child to get in the way of

the needs of the wider school community. "

Parents say the letter, dated July 2020 in the form of a newsletter, was the first they had heard of their children's problems and are distressed by the tone.

One shocked parent, a hospital worker, told us: " The tone of the letter is disgraceful and I am completely mortified to receive such a letter. I was not aware my child was behind at all as I received a call from the school part way through lockdown saying my child was doing well with work.

"The school have offered NO support at all during this, despite their claims to have done in the letter.

"They are simply passing there problems onto parents, they have failed in every way to support the children through this difficult time."

A dad said: " I have worked tirelessly in a hospital throughout this so have not had time to check up every day on my child.

"I expected to receive emails from school if my child was behind but received none. Only to receive this in the last week of term. Its just an utter disgrace and is making me seriously contemplate whether my child should stay in such a school where they think its acceptable to blame parents for there failures. "

Parents have also taken to social media to protest about the blanket letter with one saying: " I'm really upset. If it's been that bad since March why wait until now. Made me feel awful. It's been hard enough with four kids at home, working full time. It's their ( school) job to engage them. Crushed!"

Another added: "That' really not an appropriate way to address a child's parent" and another said: " Another brilliant bit of pass the buck from this school".

Mr Cowley and the school has been contacted for a comment and offered a right of reply but has not yet responded.