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As students across Lancashire receive their results, we'll be sharing all your stories as well as offering help and advice throughout the day.

Here is the latest:

A-Level Results Day in Lancashire Live

A-Level results day in Lancashire - here is the latest

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  • Don' t panic over A Level results says UCLan boss
  • Students across the county get their results
  • Your success stories
  • How A-Level grades were calculated in 2020
  • How to appeal your GCSE and A Level results

This is how A-Level grades were calculated in 2020 - and the new triple lock system explained

Despite the absence of an exam period, A-Level students will find out their results on Thursday (August 13) morning.

With exams cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fate of pupils has instead been put in the hands of moderators and teachers.

Predicted grades have been assigned by teachers with moderators ‘downgrading’ exam results with up to 40% of exam results affected according to schools minister Nick Gibb - The triple lock system is explained here

Hutton Grammar students are A class act - but little chance of celebrating

Despite the  unusual  circumstances of this year’s A Level results, Hutton Grammar students are  still celebrating another year of  impressive f Headteacher  Mark Bradshaw, said: “I am so proud of our students who have achieved outstanding results and indeed the staff who have supported and nurtured them.”

But, he feels sorry for the teens who can't out and celebrate due to Copvid-19 restrictions.

"I remember my A-level results year. We went out celebrating. We were all talking about where we were going to go, where we were going to be.

“I’m not sure there’s going to be much of that this year – or it will certainly be very different if there is,"he said.

The good news doesn’t stop at exam results. Hutton has once again had students accepted at Oxbridge and also many going to a prestigious Russell Group university.

The head said the cancellation of the 2020 examination series was a blow to staff and pupils alike. All were working determinedly for the examinations and they were tantalisingly only a few weeks away from taking place.

Throughout April and May, staff followed Ofqual guidelines to provide estimates that comprehensively reflected each individual pupils’ performance and potential, and , he says, with the publication of results today Hutton C ofE Grammar School, its pupils and its staff have much to celebrate.

Yet the school’s outstanding exam results are just one part of the Hutton experience. Mr Bradshaw continues: "The distinctive Hutton experience is to develop young people who have a thirst for life-long, independent learning and a vital commitment to making a real difference to the world around them. These outstanding results are a significant and important step forward into making that dream a reality for each and every one of our students. I would like, once again, to thank the staff for continually going the extra mile for the students, parents and carers for their continued support and all of our Year 13 students for always giving of their best"

John Hill, director of  the Liverpool Road school's  Sixth Form added: " We are thrilled for the students going onto the next stage of their lives and wish them every success in the future. Our Year 12 students have also laid excellent foundations for the coming year and I am sure they will continue to push themselves in trying to emulate or surpass those who have just left."

Across the country, many parents and young people will be feeling the same. Covid-19 has denied teenagers their traditional milestones – the last day of school, exams, Year 11 meal, a normal summer holiday, even exam results day.

With pupils awarded results based on predicted attainment, Mr Bradshaw believes it is essential that students contact school in case they do not receive the results which enable them to make their next step. If this happens, teachers will be on hand to provide help with university admissions and advice. “There’s a lot of anxiety around this year because it’s so different,” he . added: "It will be a “weird year” because the standard celebrations and commiserations will not be possible given the continued risk posed by Covid-19."He added: "The pupils and our fantastic staff have shown such dedication and resolve, staying focused and continuing their teaching and learning, particularly given the circumstances in which we have all found ourselves. In many ways, it has been inspiring."achievements.

Here are the answers to some key questions

Can you sit an exam if you are not happy with your grades?

For those who feel that these grades don't accurately reflect your performance, there will be an opportunity to sit an exam later in the year.

When will UCAS track update on the day?

The system is expected to be available at around 8am on results day.

After it's been updated, Track becomes 'frozen' and your page won't change again until midday at the earliest according to Prospects.

What will Track show?

If decisions have been made by your university choices, and UCAS have been notified, you can expect to see the following changes to offers on your Track: Unconditional - your place on the course has been confirmed. This may be your firm or insurance offer, or both. Unsuccessful - you've not been accepted by your choice(s). You're now eligible to enter Clearing. Unconditional Changed Course (UCC) - you don't have the necessary grades for your offer, but the university has proposed a similar course requiring lower grades. They may also offer an alternative start date, such as deferred entry. You have five days to decide and can discuss the opportunity with the university in question.

A-level students advised to look at clearing after last-minute grading changes

University leaders are advising A-level students to look at courses in clearing in the wake of last-minute changes to the way grades will be assessed.

Professor Julia Buckingham, president of Universities UK, told students receiving their results on Thursday not to panic if they miss out on the grades for their offer at university.

She said that universities will be as flexible as they can in the “unusual circumstances” and that students should look at the courses available in clearing.

An analysis by the PA news agency shows that there were nearly 25,000 undergraduate courses across the UK and Northern Ireland listed with clearing vacancies.

These include nearly 4,500 courses at the elite Russell Group universities, according to the admissions service Ucas’s clearing website on Wednesday.

Prof Buckingham said: “On the eve of A-level results, our advice to students is to carry on as planned, which means if you miss out on the grades for your offer don’t panic.

“There will be plenty of different options available to you, quite often thrilling and new avenues you might not have already contemplated, so take time to consider them all.

Don' t panic over A Level results says UCLan boss

As students turn on their computers to check their much anticipated A Level grades UCLan Vice-chancellor Prof Graham Baldwin shares some results day advice

This year’s results have been awarded in unprecedented times..but the message remains the same, don't panic and don't rush into making a decision about Clearing - Read more 

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