A free public event is being held at UCLan next week which will use comedy and science to explore the menopause

On Thursday May 12, a University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) lecturer will use science and comedy to open up about an issue that affects half the population but is rarely discussed in public, the menopause.

By Aimee Seddon
Tuesday, 10th May 2022, 4:55 am

In the first in a series of free public lectures at the university, survival psychology expert Dr Sarita Robinson will explore what the menopause is doing to her body and how she is navigating her way through this next stage in her life, in a talk called ‘Menopause- what every woman should know.”

Preston born Sarita, who has been at UCLan for 17 years said: “It's definitely a humorous look, so it's not just hard science, but it looks at our understanding of the menopause.

"We touch on why people are reluctant to talk about it, even in the enlightened 21st century, we still seem to have some hang ups about discussing what we might put in quotes as women's issues. There seems to still be a lot of shame and embarrassment around what is in effect, just a natural biological process that 50% of the population go through.

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A UCLan psychology lecturer, Dr Sarita Robinson, will use science and comedy to share personal experiences of the universal female condition in a public event this Thursday.

"So there are serious messages in it, but it is light hearted because nobody wants to go and listen to a very dull science talk about all the terrible things that happens with menopause, so it's hopefully very uplifting and humorous.”

The 47-year-old, who is also known as Dr Survival, is used to getting hands-on with her work, having completed training in helicopter underwater escape, fire-fighting and coastal survival, all in the name of research, and she is now taking this practical approach to the menopause.

Sarita, who is Deputy Head of School for psychology and computer science, explained: “I've done all sorts of exciting things, and I'm a prepper, I give advice on getting ready for disasters, for example I was one of the first to say we should think about pandemic planning in the future, even before COVID was on the scene, and I suddenly found in my mid 40s, that I had absolutely no idea about the menopause.

“I just couldn't believe that I was an educated woman, in the 21st century, with a PhD, and I've done all of this preparation for emergencies, but I didn't know what was happening to my own body, it’s quite shocking, isn't it?

“So it's a good idea for women to come along, to be with like minded people who are going through the same life change, who would like to know a little bit more about why the menopause happens... but the talk should really be called what everybody should know, because everybody should know about it, really. It's aimed at trying to communicate some of the issues around menopause, that seem to come up time and time again, and have done for the last 100 years, and nobody's actually addressed them."

The free event, which is open to men as well, will take place on Thursday May 12 on the Preston Campus in UCLan’s Mitchell and Kenyon Theatre, Foster Building, at 6.00pm.

Attendees can register via Eventbrite.

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