YOUR SAY: £10,000 windfall at 25 and OAP national insurance

'˜Don't hold your breath, kids'

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th May 2018, 10:42 am
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 10:46 am
10,000 windfall at 25 and OAP national insurance
10,000 windfall at 25 and OAP national insurance

A new report says that pensioners who continue to work should pay national insurance to fund a £2.3 billion windfall for the NHS.

Straining social care services should receive the same amount but funded through a property tax, according to the group of peers, business leaders and policy experts. Inheritance tax should be abolished and replaced with a lifetime limit for recipients of £125,000 before levies kick in and the money raised would fund a £10,000 payment for 25-year-olds to help them get on the property ladder , pay for education, set up a business and invest in pensions, the Resolution Foundation Intergenerational Commission said.

Here are some of your views....

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Time to think more about pensioner’s who have fully paid up their NHS stampsSandra McIntosh Stonier

What a load of tosh, save up like the rest of the and my husband saved for 2 and a 1/2 years to get our £15,000 one said it would be easy!!!!!!Amy Andrew

2.5 years for 15k? I WISH I could afford to save that muchVicki Niki

You need to work hard for things, in order to appreciate them. Things given to you on a plate- easy come easy go!!Pat Livesey

Something went horribly wrong somewhere over the last 40 parents were able to buy a 4 bedroom house for the equivalent of one years salary. People love to say that young people these days just don’t want to save or want things handed to them but the truth is that it’s plain and simple more expensive to own a property than it used to beJohn Traynor

I bought my first house a month after turning 24. Did a 4 year degree so graduated at 22 and saved and bought all by myself with no hand me downs. £10k for free... what a waste.Issy Hayes

Don’t hold your breath please, kidsVeronic Afrin

Don’t forget the very high interest rates that we had to pay in the 80’s and 90’s. Did it peak at around 15% and only drop below 10% around 1990? Also, 10% deposit was the minimum, more for some lenders. Not so easy to compare like-like but a £10000 giveaway seems a pipe-dream.Andrew Seddon

I couldn’t afford a mortgage until I bought my council house in the 80’s I was in my 30’s. I’m now retired and help my adult kids where I can then needed. I get a ‘small’ occupational pension which supplements my state pension. I paid tax & NI from age 15 to 61. This stupid idea stinks, I have paid my due’s. My children/grandchildren will get what’s left when the time comes. These ppl will not steal my retirement!Anne MacDonald

That’s never going to happenSuzi smith

They’re that desperate about losing the election in 2022, the govt’s found that magic money tree. Lol. But houses are about 20% more expensive than they should be so this is sticking a plaster on bad governing.Cragi Robinson