You can give your dog a pint at this Lancashire pub

'And one for the dog, please'.

Thursday, 20th July 2017, 1:36 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:02 pm

You might think you’re going barking mad if you hear that in a Leyland pub shortly.

But the Withy Arms has found a paw-fect way for dog owners and their pets to relax together at the popular Worden Lane local.

They’re about to start selling dog beer.

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Lee Forshaw

Bottles of Belgium-made Snuffle Dog Beer - in both chicken and beef flavour - are due in anytime now just for ‘man’s best friend’.

And if the hounds overindulge it will never lead to the animal-linked phrase “as drunk as a dog” or some others - involving skunks, monkeys, newts and rats - for it’s alcohol free.

Landlord Lee Forshaw (pictured) explained: “We about to start selling dog beer. It’s called Snuffle Dog Beer in beef and chicken flavour.

“I was in York, I was outside a pet shop and it sold dog beer.

Lee Forshaw

“It’s imported from Belgium. It’s non-alcoholic because dogs are under-age Not many dogs live to 18. ID won’t be required!”

He added: “You can come in and have a pint and your dog can come and have a beer, too.

Lee said he expected it to prove popular at the Withy Arms.

“Yes, it’s a very, very dog-friendly pub. And of course, we’re the first pub next to Worden Park.

“Generally, at around 5pm to 6pm you can find probably 15 dogs in there ...with their owners, of course.

“We already provide dog treats in the pub. I think it will go down really well.

“It’s good for them as well, it’s got vitamin B in it.”