VIDEO: Demolition site manager talks at Morecambe’s Polo Tower

Photo Neil Cross'The former Frontierland site, Marine Road West, Morecambe
Photo Neil Cross'The former Frontierland site, Marine Road West, Morecambe
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The dismantling of Morecambe’s iconic Polo Tower has been delayed due to high winds in the resort.

Contractors ADR Regeneration and Demolition were due to start taking the tower down in sections today, Monday, but due to 40mph winds, work to dismantle it is now due to start next Monday, June 19.

Site manager Neil Roberts said: “The tower will be fully scaffolded all the way to the top and a 250 tonne crane will be coming on June 19. Providing the weather is good, dismantling will start.

“The tower will be cut down in piecemeal sections, 12 tonnes every 10 metres.

“We start at the top and burn our own holes, then cut 10 metre sectionsout as we go down.

“The scaffolding is only there for access.

“We then link up the crane with the chains on the holes

“We won’t take the scaffolding down until the tower is down.

“The scaffolding will be all the way to the top byMonday afternoon and then we will install the crane mat which will ensure a good bearing platform.

“Each 10 metre section takes 20 minutes to take down.

“There is only a sm all team of workers at any one time.

“When it was the polo ride it was maintained but for the last few years it has just been left to rust. Its a bit of steel that rusts and corrodes so its best that it comes down now. “

The iconic Polo Tower is 168feet tall.

It will take the team from ADR Regeneration and Demolition five days to dismantle the tower, weather permitting.

Neil, whose team also demolished the former Ranch House pub and removed asbestos found there, said: “It will take three hours to set up on the first day and we won’t get greedy with it, we know that the crane can lift 24 tonnes. The crane will have its own wind meter and if it goes over 28mph the crane will shut down.

“The sections of scrap metal will go to the Liverpool Docks to be broken down into salvage.”