Vibes are good for funding bid

Successful Lancashire tech startup company Vibe Tickets is already more than half way in its quest to gain £600,000 of investment from the Crowdfunding community

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016, 12:58 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:29 pm
Luke Massie of Vibe tickets

Luke Massie, 23, founded Vibe Tickets because he wanted to find a solution to fans paying over the odds to touts or on secondary ticket sites.

Just three years after launching Vibe Tickets to connect like-minded fans, the Lancaster-based company has a thriving app, and is now valued at £6million.

Last week the firm launched its Crowdfunding bid, and has already secured more than £320,000 from 70 new investors.

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Earlier this year Vibe Tickets was singled out by Richard Branson for praise at the Virgin Media Business #VOOM finale.

“I simply hated seeing genuine fans being ripped off by touts and the secondary market”, says Luke.

“And I’m clearly not alone. We’ve now got 145,000 followers on Twitter and an incredibly active community on our App. So we’re opening up Vibe Tickets for people to invest in our vision, and share in our success via Crowdcube.”

“This investment round will make 10 per cent of Vibe Tickets available through Crowdcube.We’re looking for fans, followers, friends and venture capitalists to invest anything from £10 towards our target of £600,000.”

Vibe Tickets is an ethical marketplace for fans to connect, buy and sell tickets for any event at face value prices.

Luke added: “It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to help us outsmart the ticket touts and help us build something that’s genuinely disruptive and incredibly useful to genuine fans.”

Luke said spending time with Branson was a life-changing experience.

He said: “Not only did I get the chance to pitch to someone of the stature of Sir Richard with Virgin Media Business’ #VOOM competition but I got through to the last three and received the sort of advice that money can’t buy.

“And the thing I love about Crowdcube is that people will be able to invest from as little as £10 so everyone can get involved.”