'The rail replacement bus from Croston left early and left me stranded'

Northern has been running replacement bus services between Preston and Ormskirk
Northern has been running replacement bus services between Preston and Ormskirk
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One rail passenger has spoken of his frustration at replacement bus services leaving early.

The village of Croston has suffered from severely disrupted rail services since May, with the introduction of new timetables.

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The village - in the middle of the Preston to Ormskirk line - spent a week with no trains at all in November due to leaves on the line and has suffered frequent cancellations since.

But one passenger says that the replacement bus services laid on to cover the missing trains are leaving too early - leaving people stranded.

Luke Gottard was a passenger on the rail replacement bus service between Croston and Rufford.

He had been on the last bus of the day on Friday, November 23.

However the bus, which he and his dad had arrived in time for, left Croston eight minutes earlier than was time tabled leaving the pair stranded.

Luke said: “Despite us clearly flagging the vehicle down on Station Road, which the driver could not have failed to see, the driver did not stop for us - despite being significantly early.

“The staff were extremely helpful, but advised after speaking with the driver said that it was the Northern Rail employee on board the coach that had advised the driver to depart eight minutes early.

“I had to pay £9.80 to travel by taxi back to Rufford. My journey was delayed as a result.”

The Preston to Ormskirk services were all cancelled yesterday morning because of points failure.

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Meanwhile, new research shows that train punctuality across the north is worse now than it was during the timetable chaos in May.

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