A snapshot of Preston '“ by you

'‹They asked for your pictures '“ and you responded in your thousands!

Friday, 1st July 2016, 8:25 am
Photo Neil Cross Photo exhibtion We Are Here run by Foxton Centre residents using disposable cameras at Dice and Donuts Judge Bradley Newport-Whittle, aged 11

A communty photographic project run by the Foxton Centre​ in Preston attracted a staggering 3,000 images.

The Preston, Our City, Your City community participatory photography project has been hailed a success. During the first two weeks of May, 200 disposable cameras were made available to Preston residents. The cameras were taken by all age groups from children to pensioners and all demographics – from the homeless to county councillors.

A series of short educational workshops were undertaken with The Foxton Centre’s service users to introduce the concepts of visual literacy and composition.

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Our City Your City pic by Simon Humphries

Over 3,000 images were printed and formed the basis of the exhibition.

A panel of nine judges, selected the 180 photographs now being exhibited at the Dice and Donuts Cafe in Butler Street, Preston.

The photographs will be displayed up to July 11 and the public are invited to choose their 10 favourite.

The most popular photographs will be enlarged for further exhibitions.

Our City Your City pic by Simon Humphries

Project organiser Paul Thurlwell said: “When 
we first came up with the idea we didn’t know how it would go.

“The response has been superb and everyone has really engaged with it.”