Simon Rigby hits back after council seize Guild Hall overnight

Simon Rigby has called in his lawyers after Preston Council snatched back the Guild Hall
Simon Rigby has called in his lawyers after Preston Council snatched back the Guild Hall
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Simon Rigby came out fighting today after Preston Council snatched back control of the Guild Hall overnight.

The businessman, who bought the entertainment complex in 2014 for just £1, told the Post his lawyers were examining the behaviour of the local authority in seizing the building and changing the locks.

The council announced they had taken the action because of "significant breaches" of the lease agreement.

But Mr Rigby insisted: "No-one has notified me of a single breach of the lease.

"Even if I had been then, as I understand it I would have had 28 days to rectify it. Then, if I didn't rectify it within that time, I would get 28 days notice that they were intending to take back the lease.

"None of that has happened. They may have contacted the administrator. But they haven't been in for 28 days, so it is all very strange."

Mr Rigby, who says he has spent around £6m on the Guild Hall since he took it over from the council five years ago, is now seeking legal advice on what to do next.

"My lawyers are looking at the lease now," he said. "But as it stands the council are in there changing all the locks and there are notices on the windows.

"No-one from the Town Hall has been in contact with me about this. The first I heard of what was happening was from the local media. Then I got a call from a member of my staff that the Guild Hall was locked down.

"The tenants in the businesses downstairs are unable to get to their premises. Staff are locked out and kids are locked out of their nursery.

"Apparently all my leases are null and void and the businesses have been told they must go to the Town Hall to sign a new one with the council.

"I don't know anything official, because no-one from the council has bothered to tell me what's going on. Confusion reigns."